Current Sharefaith church website owners will be overjoyed! New Sharefaith website users will be ecstatic! With the upcoming release of the all-new Sharefaith Pro Editor pack, your church website editing will be easier and more fun than ever before!

In the next two weeks, Sharefaith will be rolling out the brand new Graphics Editor and Live Editor Companion, which will give your already-powerful Sharefaith church website an even bigger kick start. There is nothing better than ease of use when it comes to editing and maintaining your church website. These improvements plus our insane low hosting price are what make a Sharefaith website the new best thing in church resources!

Graphics Editor
Gone are the days of trying to find a graphics program in which you can have to design your church banners and graphics, and then go through complicated steps to upload it to your site. With the new graphics editor, it all happens in one place! Unless you’re a pro and insist on using Photoshop, you will benefit so much from this nifty new feature which lets you edit, add text and customize predesigned web banners right within your control panel! Design easier and faster than ever before! The editor accesses all the fonts already on your computer, gives you multiple editing tools like size, color, shadow, and rotation, and lets you easily upload and publish!

Live Editor Companion

Edit your website live from within the actual site! You won’t even need to go back to your website control panel. Simply change any content by clicking on it, and an Edit button will appear. Click on “edit,” and you can edit the content live anywhere on your website! This is by far the fastest and easiest way ever to update and maintain your Sharefaith church website!

They’re All Yours For Free! 
Yes! Instead of charging you $200 for these features, we decided to just include it as part of your Sharefaith membership. Every owner of a Sharefaith church website will get the Graphics and Live Editor Companion absolutely FREE!

Get your Sharefaith Church Website Now! 

If you don’t have a Sharefaith church website, get one now! Websites are free to all Sharefaith members. Hosting is only $14.99/m.

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