Sharefaith websites are such an insanely good deal that we get a lot of “Are you serious?!” questions. The answer, of course, is “yes.” We’re serious. People simply can’t believe that we’d give away high-octane, full-bore, uberpowerful, state of the art, cutting edge, church websites.

Well we are. But wait, there’s more.

We get a lot of other questions, too. We’ve assembled a sample list of these questions for your enjoyment and information. The answer to every single question on this list is yes.

  1. Is there phone support?
  2. Can we use our same domain name?
  3. Can we transfer our domain name to you?
  4. Can we purchase a new domain?
  5. Can we setup more than one website?
  6. Can multiple people log in to the site to make changes?
  7. Do you offer online tithing and donations?
  8. Can I post events to a calendar?
  9. Is there podcasting?
  10. Can I upload my weekly sermons?
  11. Can I add videos to my site?
  12. Can I have unlimited pages?
  13. Can the template be changed at anytime?
  14. Can I add more than two rotating homepage banners?
  15. Do you have banners I can download?
  16. Can I upload my own banners?
  17. Can the sidebar widgets/images be different on each page?
  18. Can I link my church website to Facebook or Twitter?
  19. Will the site get free website upgrades?
  20. Are your church websites compatible with all modern browsers?
  21. Can I setup a website for our school or other organization?

The answer to all of these questions is “yes.”

One more question: Can I build my church website now? The answer, of course, is….