There’s a bunch of church website companies out there. If Sharefaith isn’t offering anything different, there is no reason why you should consider us. So, what’s different about Sharefaith—if anything?

Five Ways Sharefaith Church Websites Are Different

  1. Sharefaith church websites are free. That’s pretty unusual, especially when the average low-end church website costs $3,000. Our free church website offer may sound like bait-and-switch, but really it’s the other way around. The church website is free for Sharefaith members. If you’re not a Sharefaith member, you can get your Sharefaith website for our really low membership cost, plus you get all the other tens of thousands of other resources that makes Sharefaith the largest Christian media provider in the world.
  2. Sharefaith church websites are DIY. Do-it-yourself websites sound risky. It sounds too much like a do-it-yourself space ship that claims to get you to the moon if you do it just right. The advantage of Sharefaith church websites are that you can do the easy clicking to get the website, but a small army of professional designers, programmers, developers, nerds, and geniuses have done all the Big Stuff. You can customize your spaceship however you want—maybe painting, adding a hood ornament, or rearranging the furniture—but we’ve built the frame, the engine, and the major design. It’s going to work just fine, and look good to boot. Which brings me to number three…
  3. Sharefaith church websites look really good. In a day and age when most church websites look like a graphic designer’s nightmare, Sharefaith websites are eye candy. (If you think this is just marketing blather, look at these theme options to see for yourself.) Sharefaith retains a cadre of highly-trained Christian design professionals, and their creative expertise is fully evident in this work. You’ll never be embarrassed about your church website again. (Now that’s a good feeling.)
  4. Sharefaith church websites are so easy, that even you-know-who can update them. We don’t expect that your church staff knows how to write JavaScript, work Joomla, or even reboot their computer. So don’t worry. Sharefaith websites are really, really easy. You know that person who is really technically inept? Yeah, even they will be able to update the Sharefaith church website. And if you get stuck, you can always call our customer service center or jot us an email. A live human being who is kind and friendly will talk with you.
  5. Sharefaith church websites can be updated and customized to the max. I know of a church who just spent $16,000 on a new church website. (Yes:  Sixteen. Thousand. Dollars.) You may think that now they have the World’s Most Awesome Church Website. Maybe. But what if they can’t update their church website without calling the people at the web design agency? What if the admin can’t put up a scrolling banner with Sunday’s sermon title on it? What if the pastor can’t add his email address to his “info” section? What if they can’t change the mailing address on the church’s contact page? Then I would suggest that the website is pretty much worthless. Thankfully, Sharefaith church websites make updating your church website a snap. You can even do it from your iPhone or mobile device. Plus, if you feel like your church website need a big facelift, change the theme in a few clicks. Or, add a stunning sidebar or banner. Easy.

Like we said at the beginning, if Sharefaith websites aren’t any different from the status quo, then it’s not worth your time. But, if you think that Sharefaith church websites offer some advantages, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Ready to get started on your church website? Have fun!