Why doesn’t every church have a website? If the Internet really is the powerful tool for churches that we say it is, why isn’t every church rushing to get their own church website? There are a few reasons, and I’m going to share them with you—the most common obstacles to creating a church website. If your church doesn’t have a church website (yet), read on. You’re about to find a way to overcome the most common obstacles to creating a church website.

Common Obstacles to Creating a Church Website

  1. The Money Obstacle. “It’s too expensive!” This is probably the most common obstacle to creating a church website, and it’s a pretty serious obstacle. After all, how many churches have plenty of cash floating around to do just about anything that they want? Not a whole lot. Most church website companies and  web design firms require a wad of lucre from churches, just to design the site. Viewed as a budget line item, creating a church website can be a big scare.
  2. The Skills Obstacle. “I have no idea where to start in making a church website!” Pastors are trained to study and preach the Bible, not to code HTML, CSS, or Java. Web design requires a special set of skills, skills that are not part of the customary talent pack of church leaders or administrators. And, honestly, how many churches employ an übertalented tech guy? Even asking for a volunteer nerd to design the church website has its own set of volunteer pitfalls and problems. That’s why most churches outsource the web design process, which brings us back to obstacle number 1:  money.
  3. The Time Obstacle. “Nobody here has the time to create a church website!” I know what you mean. Every day of my life (it seems) can be described with that cliche phrase: “too much to do; too little time.” Few pastors are sitting around their offices twiddling their thumbs, wondering what to do with the gobs of time that they have to burn. (If you don’t believe this, just try to be a pastor yourself for a little while.) Obviously, creating a church website is going to require a commitment of time. With time at a premium, this creates quite an obstacle to creating that church website.

Okay, so we have three pretty nasty obstacles to creating a church website. Now, is there a solution? I’m so glad you asked. I’m about to blow each of these objections to pieces. Get ready.

  1. Money:  Sharefaith church websites cost zero, and the hosting programs start at $7.99 per month. With your Sharefaith membership, church websites are free. And yes, you read that correctly (FREE). I know, I know, 8 bucks a month may be hard to come up with, but please try. I think you can do it. Now, we’re talking inexpensive church websites. Compared with the average church website startup cost of $3,000, you are saving a passel of cash by using Sharefaith church websites. [Objection one demolished.]
  2. Skills:  Sharefaith church websites are already made for you. All you have to do is choose a design, easily customize it, and enjoy the stunning array of beautiful graphics and powerful tools. You may have the computer skills of an orangutang, but even so, you’ll be able to figure out how to create your very own church website with Sharefaith. Zero skills required. [Objection two annihilated.]
  3. Time:  Sharefaith church websites can be created, and up-and-running in one hour. That’s the time of the average lunch break. Your schedule may be awful enough to cause heart palpitations, and we understand. That’s why we’ve put in the time—thousands and thousands of man hours—so you won’t have to. Carve out a few minutes here and there, and you’re going to have a megachurch style church website before the end of the day. Seriously. [Objection three obliterated.]

I realize that there may be additional obstacles to creating a church website, but these are the main ones. Want to get started? We invite you to create your church website now.

About The Author

Daniel Threlfall has been writing church ministry articles for more than 10 years. With his background and training (M.A., M.Div.), Daniel is passionate about inspiring pastors and volunteers in their service to the King. Daniel is devoted to his family, nerdy about SEO, and drinks coffee with no cream or sugar. Learn more about Daniel at his blog and twitter.

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