The church is hip. Make no mistake. Gone are the days of black robes and wooden pews. With a younger generation paving the way with a technology-driven mindset, churches have embraced a more relevant way of reaching the masses.

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Websites have been an essential tool to promote a brand, idea, or company. Churches have long made use of websites to gain a presence in the online world. The bigger your church, the bigger the budget, and the better looking the website. Used for promoting church events, streaming audio and video sermons, and creating a following, churches have shelled out thousands of dollars in web design and hosting fees. Now, with tithing on the decline and the economy as it is, can it be reasonable for any church to push that amount of money into a creative budget with little eternal value? has long been considered the leader in church worship media. It comes as no surprise that this company has been paving the worship media way for the last 8 years, serving more than 17,500 churches in the U.S.  With a worship media library of more than 38,000 church media templates, and more than half a million visitors per month, Sharefaith has become a household name for stunning, professional, worship media including, sermon PowerPoints, bulletin covers, worship videos, flyers, newsletters, email solutions, backgrounds and now, church websites.

The High Cost of Worship Media and Church Websites
Have you seen the majority of church websites out there? Calling them outdated, irrelevant, and slow would be an understatement. How can you blame them, when the cost of a current church website ranges from $600-$1200, plus additional support and hosting fees? On top of that, you have volunteers or staff with no design or programming knowledge trying to update the site and make it look like the megachurch Hillsong. As if that is not enough, these churches have to pay individual fees for every part of their worship offering. Those costs can quickly add up when you consider that a typical Sunday worship kit consisting of a sermon PowerPoint, bulletin cover, worship video, worship background and newsletter template can run anywhere from $450-$600. Unless, of course, your church is profitable enough to employ your own fulltime graphic designer.

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Theology through Technology
That’s what makes Sharefaith’s solution undeniably brilliant. Why pay thousands for individual worship media items, websites, and hosting, when you can pay one low yearly membership fee and get it all? This is an outstanding value that will be thrilling for churches.

With their addition of church websites and their partnership with Christian webhost Truepath, Sharefaith is giving their 18,000 customers and future members a stunning, professionally-designed church website with additional themes, banners and widgets to tweak and update as often as they like.  No programming or design knowledge required, and no extra fees.

Right now, your church can have a megachurch-style website where you can host your audio and video sermons, announce upcoming events, publish a daily devotional, and change the look and feel based on the season, your sermon series, or a special event. There is truly nothing like it out there.

Sharefaith Pro Church Websites are available for full Sharefaith members only! One more reason why Sharefaith is your one-stop worship media solution provider!

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About The Author

Hein van Wyk is the Co-Founder and President of When he finds time, he loves to share some leadership and faith application here on SharefaithMagazine. Father, pastor, worship leader and avid film composer, he likes wearing many hats! Sharefaith Inc, for the last 14 years, has served nearly 120,000 churches globally with cutting edge media and technology resources such as church websites, mobile apps, worship media, kids Bible resources, giving and donations and worship software.

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