Churches need solutions. Good ones. Churches needs solutions that increase their effectiveness, conserve money, save time, and help their mission. Printable newsletters are one way of achieving a church’s goals, and meeting all the qualities of a great solution.

Printable Newsletter Templates Increase Effectiveness
One of the most important features of a church newsletter is the way it looks—the overall visual appear. Think of it this way. If a newsletter doesn’t look attractive, no one is going to want to read it. Also, if the layout of the newsletter is uninvited, people won’t be as likely to read it through. If this is the case, your effort at having a great church newsletter has failed from the start. What you need is an attractive printable newsletter template. The better looking your printable newsletter template is, the more effective you’ll be at accomplishing what you want to accomplish with your church newsletter. And just in case you want to know what a good newsletter looks like, take a gander at the ones below. The sharp design and intuitive layout make it easy and inviting to read.

Printable Newsletter Templates Conserve Money
Money is an important consideration when you are planning for and creating your church newsletter. After all, it does cost a good bit to print paper and use ink. For most small-run print jobs, using your own office printer (assuming it’s a decent printer) is a better alternative than calling up the local printer and asking for an order. Usually, printers have a minimum size requirement for print jobs. Plus, the fewer newsletters you’re printing, the higher the cost per piece. The smart solution is to use your church office printer. Of course, this introduces the issue of finding a good printable newsletter template. Thankfully, Sharefaith has addressed this challenge head-on. We have hundreds of printable newsletter templates, designed by professionals, and used by thousands of churches around the world. This solution helps churches save money with a professional-grade printable newsletter, without the fees of a professional newsletter printing company. Look at the examples below, and see what we mean by professional.

Printable Newsletter Templates Save Time
Time! Ah, that universal resources that everyone has the same amount of, but nobody has enough of. Church staffers are not immune to the busy-busy-busy mentality that pervades our culture. You want a solution for printable newsletters that is going to save you time. Even though Microsoft Word is a great tool, and computers are incredible time-saving devices, that doesn’t meant that creating a church newsletter is just going to take a couple minutes. It takes time. Here’s where the power of a printable newsletter template really comes into play. With Sharefaith’s church newsletters, you have a custom-designed template totally ready for you. All you have to do is just paste in your text. Seriously. It’s that easy. Now we’re talking about some serious time-saving power.

Printable Newsletter Templates Improve Your Church’s Mission
Church newsletters are probably not the most important comonent of your church mission. If you couldn’t publish another church newsletter, it would probably be okay. Nonetheless, you want to do the best you can do in any of your church’s calling. Printable church newsletters are one of the way that Sharefaith helps you to improve your mission and church media. View the newsletter collection now!

If you’re not a member of Sharefaith, you’ll need to be a member to use these resources. Of course, church newsletters is not all we offer. It’s just a small sliver. Check out the main site and start browsing the world’s largest library of church media—Christian videos, countdown timers, worship video backgrounds, worship backgrounds, PowerPoint sermons, church bulletin covers, church flyers…you get the idea. Start exploring!

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