If you’re using Christian PowerPoints in your church, you’ll understand this. One of the hardest parts of using Christian PowerPoints is finding the exact type of PowerPoint that you’re looking for. Churches celebrate all kinds of occasions, from New Year’s to Lent, to Palm Sunday, to Vacation Bible School. PowerPoints are needed for each of these events. To that end, we’ve assembled a short list of some of the most popular categories of Christian PowerPoints. You can allow this brief article to function as a quick resource for getting you to the sources for the Christian PowerPoints you need, when you need them.

  • Ascension of Jesus PowerPoints – These Christian PowerPoints feature a variety of PowerPoint sermons on the topic of Christ’s ascension.
  • Church New Year Presentations – The New Year is an important theme for Christians, and the event is worthy of a special message or sermon series. This collection of Pastor PowerPoints gives some great sermon suggestions, as well as the Sermon Slides to go with them.
  • Easter Sunday Resurrection PowerPoints – Easter is the biggest Christian holiday of the year. You’ll find in this category the largest collection of Easter PowerPoints in the world.. Or, visit the master page of Easter church media.
  • Father’s Day PowerPoint – Show Fathers that their role is important. A collection of PowerPoint sermons on the topic of Father’s Day is a must-have for this important event. All Father’s Day PowerPoints feature bold, masculine designs.
  • Good Friday Jesus Crucifixion PowerPoints – The events of the Passion Week are significant dates in the life of the church. This collection of Christian PowerPoints provides stunning materials for Good Friday.
  • Heroes of The Bible PowerPoints – Character studies are a popular sermon topic, and we’ve prepared a collection of Christian PowerPoints dealing with some of the major figures in the Bible. These Sermon PowerPoints share a similar design scheme.
  • Lent PowerPoints – Lent covers one of the longest periods in the liturgical calendar. Focusing on the Christian disciples during the week of Lent is a helpful exercise. Many churches deal with each of these topics week-by-week. Here, you’ll find Christian PowerPoints for the entirety of Lent, and more.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Often, churches celebrate the noble work of Martin Luther King Jr. Sharefaith has the largest collection of MLK-Day PowerPoints and other materials.
  • Mother’s Day PowerPoints – Mother’s Day is more than just a Hallmark Holiday. It’s an opportunity for Christians to celebrate godly Mothers. This powerful set of Christian PowerPoints will help you do just that.
  • New Testament Books – Expository preaching is the practice of carefully teaching through passages of Scripture. Often, this means that Pastors will spend several weeks in a single book of the Bible. Here is a collection of Christian PowerPoints that will help you in this process.
  • Palm Sunday PowerPoints – Palm Sunday is the day that Christians celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Each of these PowerPoint sermons reveal features of this significant day—the city of Jerusalem, the palm trees, the royal colors.
  • Pentecost PowerPoints – Pentecost was a day in Christian history that marked a major turning point. The Holy Spirit came upon the disciples with incredible force, and the world was changed forever. See the variety of Christian PowerPoints and Sermon Slides available for teaching about this important event.
  • PowerPoint Sermons – As a catch-all category for our Pastor Sermon Slides, you’ll find a huge collection of Sermon PowerPoints, Sermon Slides, Pastor PowerPoints, and tons of PowerPoint themes for your church. Among them are topics like “I Can Only Imagine” (1 Corinthians 2:9) “Jesus: Almighty Advocate” (1 John 2:1) “Be Anxious for Nothing” (Philippians 4:6-8), and “What Is Church” (1 John 1:7). We guarantee you won’t run out of sermon topics when using these PowerPoint templates. These Christian PowerPoints are simply amazing.
  • Seasonal PowerPoints – Don’t think we forgot about all the other holidays! We didn’t. In fact, in case you’re interested in getting a membership with the largest provider of Christian PowerPoints for Christmas, you’ve found it. Tons of topics, designs, and amazing resources for you in this category.
  • Back To School PowerPoints – If it happens twice every single year, you might as well have a Christian PowerPoint for it. We definitely do.
  • Christmas PowerPoints – You’ll be humming Christmas carols the rest of the day after checking out this category. Sneak a peek and find out why.
  • Fall PowerPoints – For some reason, fall seems to be one of the busiest times in the church calendar. There’s a lot going on. Well, we’ve got a lot for you, too. Check out this category for some beautiful fall-themed Christian PowerPoint designs.
  • Graduation Day PowerPoints – Celebrate your graduates. These Christian PowerPoints will make the day special!
  • Independence Day PowerPoints -Decked out with red, white, blue, and the accoutrements of a patriotic day. You’ll be able to produce a powerful patriotic Sunday with these Christian PowerPoints.
  • Memorial Day PowerPoints – Honor our nation’s soldiers with this patriotic collection of Christian PowerPoints for Memorial Day.
  • Thanksgiving Art PowerPoints -We’ve taken some time to flex our creative muscle for fall. One look at these unbelievable fall PowerPoints, and you’ll find out why we had fun. We think you’re going to have fun with them, too. These Christian PowerPoints will enhance a fall service like no other.
  • Vacation Bible School PowerPoints – Nope, we definitely haven’t forgotten about the kids. Here’s the Christian PowerPoints you need to make VBS special.
  • Valentine’s Day PowerPoints – Love, love, love! It’s all over these Valentine’s Day PowerPoints. But don’t come to this category expecting only to find the mushy romance of secular themes. All of these PowerPoint sermon topics are solidly rooted in biblical texts. This is one of the only places where you’ll find theologically-rich, biblically-rooted, Christian PowerPoints for Valentine’s day.
  • Women of the Bible PowerPoints – We’ve created a collection of Christian PowerPoints dealing with the topic of Women of the Bible. Find here PowerPoints sermons on Esther, Hanna, Mary Magdalene, Mary and Martha, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Miriam, Ruth, Naomi, and Rahab.

We may have still missed a category or two that you’re looking for in the list above. That’s only because we don’t want to write an article that’s too long to read. Instead, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for if you head over to the site and check out the PowerPoint main page, or just use our search function.

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