Launching into the great unknown world of Pastor PowerPoints can be really intimidating. Pastors who are unused to using church PowerPoint templates, Bible PowerPoints, and Sermon slides may be very hesitant to start using PowerPoint sermons. I totally understand. It’s a whole new world of digitized media, an extra thing to think about during preaching, and a major change to the style and manner of presentation. Nonetheless, there are some pastors who are ready to make the switch and start using pastor sermon slides. If that’s you, read on. Here are some tips for making that transition to using pastor sermon slides.

  1. Recognize the value of pastor sermon slides. It’s important to confirm in your mind that pastor PowerPoints really are going to help. Be sure that you’re going to do it. Committing halfheartedly to using pastor sermon slides is the same as not committing at all. Once you see how valuable Pastor Sermon Slides really are, you’ll be far more inclined to use them. Take a look at our collection of PowerPoint sermons, and you’ll get a sense of the value that they will add to your sermons.
  2. Block out time to learn how to use PowerPoint or some other presentation software. Like any powerful tool, learning how to use pastor sermon slides is going to take some time. Try to allocate a few hours (at least) to learning the software, if you don’t already know how to use it. If you’re accustomed to working with a PC, the basic features of PowerPoint should be familiar. If you’re a Mac user, Keynote is going to be your best choice for presentation software. Even other types of worship software will take a bit of learning before you become entirely comfortable. You’ll need to learn how to use the software effectively before you begin really designing some sharp-looking pastor sermon slides. It’s not going to be a huge time-commitment, but it will be well worth it!
  3. Use a reputable and affordable pastor PowerPoint graphics provider. This could very well be the most important point in this article. If you spend all your time designing the church PowerPoint template, you’ll become extremely discouraged. Designing Christian PowerPoints. Excellent design is important for Pastor sermon slides, but excellent design takes time. You’ll need a resource. Predesigned Pastor sermon slides are the solution. With a library of thousands upon thousands of Pastor Sermon slides, Sharefaith is the best solution for your church PowerPoint templates. Sharefaith is the largest provider of Christian media in the world, and our reputation stands solid as one which provides amazing Christian PowerPoint designs. If you’re not persuaded, just take a look at these designs.
  4. Delegate the tasks of designing or displaying the pastor sermon slides. A final way to help you transition into using pastor sermon slides is simply to delegate some of the tasks. If designing the PowerPoint sermon does seem time-consuming or confusing, see if you can ask your secretary or assistant to do this. Perhaps give them a few guidelines or your sermon outline, and let them come up with the design. Also, you may wish to delegate the management of the slideshow. To allow you to focus on the proclamation of your message, leave the clicker with someone else, and let them advance the slides to display the next slide in the sermon PowerPoint, or the next passage of Scripture.

Ready to get going? Join Sharefaith, and start downloading your favorite Pastor Sermon Slides.

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