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For some people, the question “What Are Church PowerPoints?” may seem like a ridiculous question. The answer is uber-obvious, right? Well, yes, it is. But bear with me for a second, because if you read this short article, you’ll probably discover that a church PowerPoint is a whole lot more than you may have thought it to be.

The Many Uses of Church PowerPoints
Perhaps a better way to look at the question of “What Are Church PowerPoints?” is to figure out what they can be used for. Here’s a sampling of the uses of Church PowerPoints.

  • Church PowerPoints can be used as welcome slides.
  • Church PowerPoints can be used to display Scripture text.
  • Church PowerPoints can be integrated with church videos for many purposes and uses.
  • Church PowerPoints can be used as to display worship lyrics.
  • Church PowerPoints can be used to display church announcements.
  • Church PowerPoints can be used to display sermon titles.
  • Church PowerPoints can be used to remind people to silence their mobile devices.
  • Church PowerPoints can be used to display a “Thank you for Coming,” “God bless you,” or some other benediction slide at the conclusion of a service.
  • Church PowerPoints can be used to set a visual theme for the service.
  • Church PowerPoints can announce the commencement of a new sermon series.
  • Church PowerPoints can signal the coming of a new holiday.

Basically, church PowerPoints can be used for whatever you want to use them for. Whether for sermon slides, Sermon PowerPoints, or anything else, church PowerPoints are a versatile tool that pays big dividends in your church media ministry. Now that you’re thinking a bit about all the possible uses of church PowerPoints, check out some of the categories of church PowerPoints.

Categories of Church PowerPoints
In case you’re new to church PowerPoint, we’ll just mention a couple of the major categories of church PowerPoints. Once you start using this type of church PowerPoint, I think you’ll find that PowerPoint displays can be integrated into nearly every facet of your services.

  • PowerPoint Sermons. This is, by far, the largest collection of church PowerPoints that we produce. In addition, church PowerPoints are the most-downloaded designs on the site. You’ll figure out why as soon as you start browsing some of the designs. Sharefaith produces multiple designs for every single holiday, season, event, or church occasion. For example, the church’s biggest event‚ Easter‚ boasts an incredible amount of designs having to do with Easter. Every PowerPoint sermon comes packaged with predesigned slides, usually ten to twelve of them. See the collection of PowerPoint sermons.
  • Church PowerPoint Backgrounds. Another huge category of church PowerPoints is in the worship background arena. When displaying worship lyrics, you want to use a background image that is distinctly Christian, yet not boring or ugly. That’s where church PowerPoint backgrounds. Using these backgrounds will enhance the visual component of your worship ministry. See the collection of Church Worship Backgrounds.
  • Church PowerPoint Holiday Backgrounds. We’ve found that churches get most interested in church media when a holiday rolls around. That’s why we’ve created exclusive collections of church PowerPoints for holidays.

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