Valentine’s Day is coming. If you’re an event-oriented kind of person, with tons of ideas up your sleeve for Valentine’s Day, this post is not for you. If you need a bit of pump priming to get some ideas churned up for Valentine’s Day, this is for you. With just a couple weeks until the big day, you’re going to need to do something. Thankfully, some of these ideas take virtually no prep time. See if you like these Valentine ideas for church!

Note: not all of these will be ideal for a worship service. Some of these ideas may be better reserved for a Valentine’s banquet.


Valentine Ideas for Church


Preach About Love 

Maybe it’s not the most original idea you’ve ever heard, but it’s a good one. Valentine’s Day is all about love. Since it’s on the mind, you might as well capitalize on the occasion. You have a lot of preaching material to choose from, though. The whole Bible is a book about love. We’ve listed a couple of notable love stories from the Bible below. Want more? Check out our Top Bible Verses About Love!

  1. Adam and Eve (Genesis 2-3)
  2. Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 17-18)
  3. Jacob and Rachel (Genesis 29)
  4. Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 4)
  5. The bride and groom (Song of Solomon)
  6. Mary and Joseph (Matthew 1)
  7. Jesus and the Church (John 15:9-15, 1 John 4:19, Luke 19:1-10, John 15:12, Luke 10:26-37, Luke 10:27)


Brand Your Service

Use Valentine’s bulletins to set the theme for the day. A bulletin is an excellent way to help shape the mood for a worship event or church Valentine’s Day service. Ensure that your church bulletin is outfitted with Valentine’s Day decor. Make sure that your media stays unified by matching your Valentine PowerPoint with your Valentine bulletin. Sharefaith has pre-made Valentine’s Day sets that make it easy to brand your entire service or event. In your Valentine’s Day bulletin, you may want to include a Scripture verse on love (e.g., Matthew 22:37; John 15:13; 1 Corinthians 13; 1 John 3:18; 4:18).



Create A Valentine’s Day Mood 

Scatter flower petals in strategic locations. If you need to do some decorating for a Valentine’s banquet, try tossing some flower petals around for an instant Valentine’s atmosphere. Using real flower petals will automatically help to improve the scent, too (the downside is, they can easily get ground into the carpet). Or, for a few bucks, you can buy several bags of fake flower petals at a craft store and reuse them next year.


Provide Crafts For The Kids

Help the kids celebrate Valentine’s Day by helping them make a Valentine’s Day craft. It’s not hard, nor expensive to find a great Valentine’s Day craft. All it takes is some willing helpers, some supplies, and a creative idea. Try something simple like cutting heart shapes from construction paper. A craft that they can give as a gift to their parents will make the event even more special.


Share The History Of Valentine’s Day

The story behind Valentine’s Day is a fascinating account of deep love, steadfast faith, and God-given courage. Like the message communicated in the Valentine’s Day Video, this is a day that has enormous significance for Christians. Tell your people about it. Want to know the history of how Valentine’s Day got started? Check out this article here about Saint Valentine.


Use Love-Themed Music

There are a lot of worship songs on the theme of love. A Valentine’s Day church event wouldn’t be complete without singing some of them. Focusing on God’s love is an ideal way to commemorate Valentine’s Day.

10 Worship Songs About Love:


10 Christian Songs About Love:


Give Flowers To All The Ladies

Flowers are popular with ladies at any time of year, but Valentine’s Day adds another motivation for celebrating with flowers. Honor the women in your congregation by giving them a rose, a small potted plant, or a bouquet.


Show A Christian Movie About Love 

The theme of love is prominent in a few quality Christian movies. Host a Valentine’s Day event and show a wholesome movie. Below are just a few ideas of Christian movies about love that you can show during a church Valentine event.


Chocolates For One And All!

There’s an easy way to add some sweetness to your Valentine’s Day event. Hand out chocolates at the door. Score big points. You may want to do this at the end of your Valentine’s service, unless you want the kids in your church bouncing off the walls during service.


Use Sharefaith Media

Today, media is a must-have for any Valentine’s Day event. Sharefaith has the largest selection of Valentine’s Day church media and graphics with over 300 resources to fully brand your service from start to finish! With everything from sermon PowerPoints, bulletin covers, worship video loops, church flyers, newsletters, church motion graphics, mini movies, countdown timers and more, you’ll have everything you need to wow your congregation! Browse Sharefaith’s entire library of Valentine’s Day church graphics & videos.


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