Sharefaith does more than provide stunning media for churches. It is also our goal to support organizations who love our God, serve the church, and are making a Great Commission impact in today’s world. We’d like to highlight one such organization–Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch.

What do you get when you combine a Christian veterinarian, a ranching couple who loves kids, and a tract of beautiful land in Oregon? The product of this combination is called Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, and their touching story is one of biblical love, brave rescue, and life-giving hope. Here’s what they are all about.

Because it’s a ranch there are animals, but because it’s a youth ranch, there are kids. What’s the connection? To understand the connection, it’s necessary to go back about fifteen years to the beginning of the ranch. Troy and Kim Meeder rescued two horses from abuse and neglect. As Troy and Kim invited disadvantaged children to their small ranch, they observed a remarkable connection between the kids and the horses. The youth, who themselves were facing life-damaging difficulties were trying to help the horses. In the process, these kids realized the life-changing power of reaching out, of healing, of caring. Healing wasn’t just taking place in the bodies of the horses; it was taking place in the hearts of the kids.

Healing didn’t happen because of magical, mystical connection between animal and child. True healing—life healing—takes place through the miraculous transformation called salvation. All the ranch staff, according to Crystal Peaks, “believe in God and the saving grace of His Son Jesus Christ.” That’s how transformation takes place.

The transformation is still taking place—healing horses and using it as a tool to heal children. Every year, thousands of kids come to the breathtaking Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in central Oregon to learn about horses. They come with their parents, with their guardians, and with their adopted parents. Most of the children come from situations of abuse, poverty, mental disability, or physical challenge. Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch seeks a long-term ministry with each child, not merely a one-time interaction. The ranch gives kids a family atmosphere by which they can help to heal the broken spot in the kid’s heart where a family should have been—to the family of their dreams. In so doing, many of the children are introduced to a family that is bigger, more loving, more powerful, and more life changing than they ever knew—the family of God. That’s why the ranch is known also known as “The Ranch of Rescued Dreams.” In the words Kim Meeder it’s “not just being a survivor, but being a victor.”

More about Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch:

  • Find out about Kim Meeder’s new book, Blind Hope.

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2 Responses

  1. Carolyn Publiski

    The big question that never seems to be in the information brochures. How much?????

    • admin

      Thanks for the question, Carolyn. Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is absolutely free. They are a faith-based organization that accepts donations and offerings for the continued support of the organization. Here’s the information from their website.

      What do you charge for a child to attend the program at CPYR?
      Our program is absolutely free of charge. The only requirement for children is that they have an open heart and want to attend.

      To donate to Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, you can visit this page.

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