Using New Media to Spread the Gospel in Today’s Churches
How to enhance messages, encourage attendance and engage a new generation

(The following is excerpted from a recent Sharefaith white paper publication.)

Introduction: Challenging Times for Today’s Church Leaders
The way we worship must constantly evolve to meet the needs of our communities. Many pastors of small and medium-size churches are challenged to find new ways to spread the Gospel to a congregation that communicates using technologies like video, web sites, email, and social media. To stay connected with their congregations, church leaders are using new forms of media to deliver inspiring messages and remain relevant to a new generation of churchgoers.

The following guide will help you understand the driving forces behind the use of new media in churches and overcome the challenges of using media to spread the Gospel. This guide will explain:

  • How churches are using new media today
  • How to introduce new media into your church services
  • Where to begin when selecting new media for your church
  • How to make new media affordable and easy for your church

By including multimedia presentations in services, sending regular email announcements, and providing information-rich web sites, churches can attract new members, encourage attendance, and enrich worship services with powerful visual imagery. The tools are easy to use, affordable, and accessible to any church.

Being Relevant in a Changing World

The past decade has seen a rush of new ways to communicate. People of all ages use blogs, Twitter, email, and Facebook to share information, look at photos, and express themselves. Using technology to communicate the message of the church means that you can reach more people with your message by using a form of communication that is familiar to your congregation. The message itself does not change, merely the means of delivering, enhancing, and focusing that message.

Engage a New Generation
Worship styles evolve in each generation to better meet individual needs and to express heartfelt adoration to God. Today’s generation is familiar with technologies that create socially empowered, visually stunning experiences. The visual experience is not like watching TV. Instead, it is a multisensory experience that is both social and interactive. The information is so interactive that users can view it again, share it with friends, or modify it into a personally meaningful expression. Your church can use this new style of communication to put the gospel message into a form that is easily accessible and personally powerful, with the ability to bring believers into closer fellowship.

Enhance the Worship Experience
Using new media to communicate familiar stories helps to enhance the church experience for every member. Images and parables have been used from the beginning to share God’s message. You can bring this message to life by using stirring imagery that engages your members and brings the focus back to God.

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