This weekend, Mother’s Day, is an important event in the life of any church. As you honor the mothers in your congregation, here are some powerful tools for communicating effectively.

Sharefaith Mother's Day Free Church Graphics Pack

Mother’s Day Mini Movie

This heartwarming Mother’s Day mini movie is perfect for celebrating mothers in your church. We asked mothers how they think they are doing as a mom, and then we ask their kids the same question. The contrast between their answers was surprising! Download your Mother’s Day mini movie here!


Mother’s Day PowerPoints

Using our collection of Mother’s Day PowerPoints, customize any sermon or utilize any of these stunning visual aids to enhance your Mother’s Day worship service.


Mother’s Day Video Loops

Add some action to your Mother’s Day media with this vast collection of Mother’s Day welcome videos and Mother’s day worship videos.


Mother’s Day Women of the Bible PowerPoints

Are you teaching on the lives of women in the Bible? Here are PowerPoint sermon slides that cover major women characters in the Bible.


Mother’s Day Bulletin Covers

Use an attractive bulletin cover to make the day meaningful. Most of the bulletin covers in this collection match our PowerPoint and video loops, creating a unified look for your Mother’s Day service.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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