Sharefaith has assembled a collection of Church Newsletter Templates that you can use for your next weekly or monthly newsletter. The templates feature professional graphics and aesthetic layouts. Simply download, replace the mock text with your own, or customize the entire template to fit your unique design. Here’s the low-down on how you can use these stunning newsletter templates in your church or ministry.

How to download: Once you have selected your desired newsletter template, you will see a MS Word download option. Click on the icon, download to your desktop/hard drive and open in MS Word.

Quality (DPI): Our newsletters features print-quality graphics, and give you a professional template that you can use with confidence. As long as your printer has a decent quality, our graphics will turn out looking absolutely professional.

Compatibility: Our newsletter templates are compatible with Microsoft Word 97, XP, 2000, 2003, 2007, and later versions. The templates can also be used within MS Publisher, Open Office, Word for Mac, Pages (Mac), and any other application that supports processing of MS Word documents. Although our newsletter templates will open in almost any application, we highly recommend using Microsoft Word or Word for Mac for optimal results.

How to use: After successfully downloading the newsletter template and opening it in MS Word, you can then customize the template by simply replacing the mock text with your own information. If you have the article or information typed somewhere else, simply copy/paste into the church newsletter template. Obviously, you may need to alter the formatting and font size for the right look and size of the newsletter. When finished, simply save it and print your newsletter. If you prefer to create a different layout from the ones provided in the newsletter template, you can replace any of the text boxes with your own, or move information to your desired location on the page. When you print the newsletter, be sure to consider the margin settings of your printer. Not all home/desk printers will print to the very edge of the paper. In order to prevent cutting off material on the edge of the page, change your margins to your desired settings.

When to use: Many churches and ministries use our templates for their weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters. Volunteers use the newsletters to keep their supporters informed, and church media departments use them to create interoffice newsletters.

Sharefaith is the largest online provider of Church Newsletters, Christian Newsletters, Church Newsletter Templates, MS Office and MS Publisher Newsletter Templates: View our collection now! Our rock-bottom membership prices are great for any ministry, regardless of the size or budget. Sign up here.

38 Responses

  1. Lindsey Bloodworth

    Can you PLEASE put these newsletters in Publisher format too. Word is such a pain to move pictures around is. It would really speed things up for us.
    Lindsey Bloodworth
    First Baptist Church,
    Quitman, Tx.

    • admin

      Your wish is our command! We are busy converting all newsletters to publisher format. They will be up very soon!
      Blessings !!
      Sharefaith Team

      • admin

        In fact, you can now download the latest beta version of Office 2010. It is wonderful. So much more control in Word as there is in Publisher.

  2. Cathy Peek

    I am looking at subscribing to Sharefaith. Is it compatible with Microsoft Vista??

    • admin

      It sure is, Cathy! Sharefaith works with any operating system, Vista included. Since it is a subscription, all you need is an Internet connection, and ordinary software. We offer a ton of download formats, so it works with virtually any software package you may have. Let us know if you have any other questions. We’re happy to help.

  3. Jackie

    Can the Newsletter templates come in the English language? Love the designs and format but can’t read the sample text, don’t understand the language that appears in the sample text.

    • admin


      The text you see is called Mock-text. The newsletter templates are predesigned templates that you take and replace with your own content. The mock-text gives the user an idea of how real content would like.
      Sharefaith Team

  4. Jennifer Taylor

    Do you have any newsletter templates that are made to use with youth ministry? That would be awesome!

    • admin

      Hi Jennifer. Thanks for asking. You can find all of our newsletter templates by clicking here. The newsletter templates are not arranged according to theme, but you may be able to find something among those designs that would fit what you’re looking for. Let us know if you need any more help!
      -Sharefaith Team

    • admin

      Yes. Our templates are compatible with MS Word version 97 and up on both PC and Mac.

  5. admin

    Absolutely. It works just the same as with Microsoft Word. You can even use them with Pages.

  6. Brandon S

    Hey! I really liked these newsletter ideas you guys have. I’m working with developing my own for a student-lead fellowship at my college. I was wondering what program you actually used to make these. I am going to school for design, and I was hoping to get some helpful tips. The pictures look great, and I was wondering how you incorporated them into the newsletter? More specifically, how or where you got such great pictures!

  7. Jackie Yarborough

    Can you add more pages to the template when needed. Sometimes we need more than 3 pages. Usually it is an even number of pages 4 or 6.


    • Hein

      Jackie. You certainly can. Just use the page template tool in MS Word and specify more pages. In Publisher this options is the same.

  8. Laura

    Once down loaded to MS Publisher, can I convert it to a PDF file??

    • Hein

      Hi Laura,

      Yes, MS Publisher should have a function to export as a PDF. If not, you can download numerous free converters online. Word to PDF or MS Publisher to PDF.Just google those options.

      You can also chose to install a PDF printer driver for example, Nitro PDF (not free). Then you can print to a PDF file, as if it was a printer and it will save it as a PDF file.

    • admin

      Absolutely. Many of our subscribers use Macs both for downloading, editing, printing, and projecting our designs. Sharefaith’s designs are compatible with virtually any operating system or software.

  9. Deb Sargent

    We fold our newsletter in half and mail it that way so I need a blank page at the end for return address, etc. How do I insert a blank page at the very end.

    • admin

      HI Deb,

      Thanks for the question about inserting a blank page at the end of newsletters. Here’s how to do it.

      1. Move your cursor to the very last point in the document. If it’s hard to figure out where to click (among all the text boxes, etc.), press the keyboard shortcut: CTRL + END
      2. Insert a page break by pressing CTRL + ENTER

      You should have a blank page at the end of the document.

      Hope that helps! If you have any other questions, clarifications, or formatting issues, please let us know!

      -The Sharefaith Team

      • Debbie

        I need to create a few blank pages in the middle and I am finding this very difficult, it damages the structure of the articles and images. How can I do this successfully – I’m using word.

        In addition, I need more ideas for these additional pages in terms of style, can you help?

        In future would it be possible to make these templates at least 6 pages longer? That was we are just deleting what we dont want.

        Many thanks

      • admin

        Good questions, Debbie.

        1. To insert pages in the middle of the newsletter, you would follow the same process as we described the comment above. Just find the spot where you would like to insert blank pages and press CTRL + ENTER to create a new page. You can do this at the end, in the middle, at the beginning…wherever you want new pages.
        2. Obviously, you may not want a stark blank page in the middle of a beautifully-designed newsletter. As you mentioned in your comment, you’re looking for “more ideas for these additional pages in terms of style.” If you would like to add additional newsletter pages with the same style as the template pages, here is a suggestion.
        Insert a new blank page.
        Find the portions of the template that you want to include as part of the new page layout.
        Copy these items. If you want to copy/past more than one, hold down the “Shift” key and click each item.
        Paste the items onto the new page. Just click the spot on the page where you would like to insert the material, then press “CTRL + V” or Right click + “Paste.”
        Presto! You’ve created a new custom page with the same style as the others.

        In this way, you can create a new page—really, as many as you want—with the same style as other pages. You can even pick and choose elements of the layout to create a totally new page layout with the same template style.

        Since we presently only have four pages in our newsletter, adding extra pages in the way described above is your best option. We will definitely consider your request, however. Thanks for mentioning it!

        Again, please let us know if you have any other questions!

        – The Sharefaith Team

  10. Linda

    I really love all the templates but can these be changed to Spanish?

    • admin

      Thanks for the question, Linda. Since these are newsletter templates, every bit of them can be customized with Spanish titles and text. For example, in the “Church Newsletter Template,” you can change the title to whatever you wish, regardless of language. The same goes for all of our church newsletter templates. The great thing about the majority of Sharefaith’s resources is that they are totally customizable, making them appropriate for any language. Of course, a few of our resources (e.g., welcome videos, mini movies, etc., are English-only, but It’s possible that A Spanish-language Sharefaith portal is in the works. Let us know if we can help you in any other way!

      -The Sharefaith Team

  11. Christy

    Do you have to have microsoft office to open up the template…because it wont open up correctly just using microsoft word

    • admin

      Hi Christy, all templates are customized to work in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher, this includes of course, Microsoft Office. Church newsletter templates also work in virtually any other word processing software. I’ll send you an email to ask you a few questions about the version of your software and see if we can help you. Thanks for the question!

    • admin

      Thanks for the question, Edith. We do not have a customizable tri-fold template for church newsletters. With a bit of extra customization and page resizing, however, the design can be modified for a tri-fold design.

  12. Simon

    May I also suggest to provide tri-fold templates for the newsletters?

    • admin

      Good suggestion, Simon! We will definitely consider this!

      • Laurel Mueller

        I agree with Simon’s suggestion regarding tri-fold. Please consider this!
        Thank you

  13. Traci McKinney

    Can you tell me how to delete a page, please?


    • admin

      Hi Traci,
      Thanks for the question. The best way to delete a page is to highlight the entire page and then press the backspace or delete button.

      If you have any additional questions, please let us know. Or, if you want interactive help from a real person, feel free to give us a call. Thanks!

      -The Sharefaith Team

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