Sharefaith has assembled a collection of Church Newsletter Templates that you can use for your next weekly or monthly newsletter. The templates feature professional graphics and aesthetic layouts. Simply download, replace the mock text with your own, or customize the entire template to fit your unique design. Here’s the low-down on how you can use these stunning newsletter templates in your church or ministry.

How to download: Once you have selected your desired newsletter template, you will see a MS Word download option. Click on the icon, download to your desktop/hard drive and open in MS Word.

Quality (DPI): Our newsletters features print-quality graphics, and give you a professional template that you can use with confidence. As long as your printer has a decent quality, our graphics will turn out looking absolutely professional.

Compatibility: Our newsletter templates are compatible with Microsoft Word 97, XP, 2000, 2003, 2007, and later versions. The templates can also be used within MS Publisher, Open Office, Word for Mac, Pages (Mac), and any other application that supports processing of MS Word documents. Although our newsletter templates will open in almost any application, we highly recommend using Microsoft Word or Word for Mac for optimal results.

How to use: After successfully downloading the newsletter template and opening it in MS Word, you can then customize the template by simply replacing the mock text with your own information. If you have the article or information typed somewhere else, simply copy/paste into the church newsletter template. Obviously, you may need to alter the formatting and font size for the right look and size of the newsletter. When finished, simply save it and print your newsletter. If you prefer to create a different layout from the ones provided in the newsletter template, you can replace any of the text boxes with your own, or move information to your desired location on the page. When you print the newsletter, be sure to consider the margin settings of your printer. Not all home/desk printers will print to the very edge of the paper. In order to prevent cutting off material on the edge of the page, change your margins to your desired settings.

When to use: Many churches and ministries use our templates for their weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters. Volunteers use the newsletters to keep their supporters informed, and church media departments use them to create interoffice newsletters.

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