Sharefaith brings you a stunning collection of professionally designed print quality flyers that you can use to announce your church event. Simply download and replace the mock-text with your own.

How to download: Once you selected your flyer template you will see two download options: 1) MS Word and 2) MS Publisher.  Select either of the options according to the program you are most familiar with. Either option will present you with a fully laid-out flyer with placeholder text. Download and save.

Quality (DPI): All our flyer templates are designed in 150 dpi print quality.

Compatibility: Our flyer templates are compatible with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Pages and Open Office. For best results we recommend using MS Word and Ms Publisher.

When to use: Church administrators use our flyers to announce upcoming church events. Flyers can be printed and posted on bulletin boards in the church building, handed out at the church entrance, or even distributed around your community. The best events to announce with flyers are major holidays, important church events, church retreats, camps, picnics, special Bible studies, plays, concerts, or event speakers.

Using with MS Word or Publisher: Using our flyers is very simple. Open your downloaded flyer in Word or Publisher. Customize the flyer by replacing the mock-text with your own, then print. You can rearrange the text on the page to create your own layout and even add more graphics.

Sharefaith is the largest online provider of Church Flyers, Christian Flyers, Bible Flyers, Religious Flyers, Sunday School Flyers & Event Flyers: View our collection now!

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12 Responses

  1. Christopher Lewis

    I like the flyers and use them to advertise services at our Church St Mary’s Kings Walden Hertfordshire England.

    I use them for the complete month’s services & generally copy them on to A3 for the notice boards.

    Here we relate flyers to being A5 size – i.e. 2 flyers – landscape on A4 paper.

    Is it possible to convert the flyers to do this?
    I have tried without success.

    Any suggestions?


    • admin

      Hello Christopher,

      Converting the Letter size US format flyers to become A5 size is indeed possible but you will have to do a few tweaks using a photo-editing program like Photoshop, Xara or GIMP. Here is what you need to do:

      1. Open an A5 blank template in your photo-editing program using a 150DPI setting.
      2. Save the background image of the flyer you are using to a file (using either Word or Publisher)
      3. Important the background image into your A5 template and crop the sides to fit perfectly in your desired size
      4. Save the image as a EPS, PNG or JPG
      5. Open WORD or Publisher and set up your A5 or A4 landscape template and import the background image
      6. Place duplicates of the image on the A4 landscape and make sure to apply the SEND-TO-BACK setting so you can place your content on top of the image.
      7. Complete your flyer as desired and print.

      The steps above may sound easier than they really are, but the thing you need to keep in mind is that you will basically have to reconstruct the flyer on your end to fit within the size you want. That will entail cropping and resizing the background image to fit exactly in your desired size. You can also make use of our worship backgrounds, images and clipart as stock resources for creating your own unique flyer. They are all 150-300dpi print quality.

      Depending on how tech-savvy you are with Photoshop, Publisher or Word, this might be a breeze or take a few minutes.

      Hope this helps !

      In Christ!
      Sharefaith Team

  2. Renee

    Is there a way to change the color of flyer template backgrounds

    I’d like to change color for different events of the same sort

    • admin

      Hi Renee,

      You will have to do so inside Photoshop or any other image editing software. Our backgrounds for flyers and bulletins are all flattened JPEGS or EPS files and for that reason you will not be able to take the different layers apart to just change the color of one element. Hope this answers your question.

      All the best!
      Sharefaith Team

  3. Sharon

    I have jsut subscribed to your website.
    I would like to use the flyer template for legal or 11×17 posters. Is there a way to format these flyers in word or publisher to increase size?

    • Admin

      Dear Sharon,
      Unfortunately the majority of our customers uses 8.5 x 11 size. You can certainly reformat the image to fit on your unique size, but will need Photoshop or some other photo editing sofware. Inside Photoshop, or your photo editing software, do not stretch the file. Instead create a color background, matching the flyer, and place your current size on top. Export the file as JPEG and re-insert the file back into MS Publisher or MS Word. Move it behind the text using the option (Move behind text) inside MS Word.

      Our flyers are done at 150DPI, so make sure your converted flyer is also done at 150DPI.

  4. andrea

    Is there anyway to save My flyer on my flash drive b/c I dont have a printer at home?

    • admin

      That shouldn’t be a problem at all, Andrea. You should be able to download the flyers (or any of our designs) to your computer, then transfer them to a flash drive (as long as there is enough room on the flash drive).

  5. Larincia

    We are thinking about using share faith, is there a way to make the templates into a jpg images so if we are wanting to make it a thumbnail to create an event invite?

    • admin

      Hi Larincia,

      Good question. We currently do not have flyer templates available in JPG format. However, there are a couple things you can do to have a JPG version of the flyer theme.

      1.Download the flyer as usual (Word doc). In later versions of MS Word, you can right click on the image and click “Save as Picture.” In that way, the entire template can be saved as a JPG.

      2. Most of our templates come in sets. For example, the Apple Flyer comes as a PowerPoint. The PowerPoint, which includes the same images, is available as a JPG. Instead of using the flyer image specifically, you can download the JPG version of the PPT.

      Hope that helps. Let us know if these work, or if we can suggest an alternative.

      The Sharefaith Team

      • Larincia


        Thank you for answering my question. We are now ready to move forward on several projects we were planning for when we first contacted you about last month. I wanted more clarity on enlarging the templates. For example, we are wanting to take one of the Welcome Flyers and customize it a little bit with our picture(and make it a welcome sign for our welcome table) but it’s a sign that’s like a personal welcome from us(the Pastors). The frame we have bought is 27X40 is that possible to do with these templates?

        Additionally, is it possible to resize the templates to a smaller size lets say – like in postcard size where we can customize them.

        Also, thanks for answering my question in regards to the JPG conversion, I completely understand what is needed now in order to do that.

        I am sorry for all of the questions but just need to know how we can utilize the templates to accommodate the needs of our small yet growing church.

        Thanks again

      • admin

        Good questions again, Let me see if I can help with your template questions.

        1. Can you enlarge them? Technically, yes, as long as you have software and a printer to do the job. However, since the flyer templates are designed for standard-size paper, if you enlarge them to 278 x 40, the image may become a bit pixelated/distorted. An alternative is to use the 27 x 40 frame, but use a mat to surround a normal-size flyer.

        2. Can you resize the flyers to be smaller? Yes. Again, using Word, you can resize the templates and print them in a postcard-size.

        If you want to do much customization to a template, you may find it easier to work with a Jpg image. Since most of our designs come in sets, you can find a matching PowerPoint set for the flyer template you prefer. Then, instead of downloading the PPT file, you can select the Image ZIP pack. The ZIP pack contains JPG files of every slide in the PowerPoint. Sometimes, this makes it easier to customize, resize, and reformat a particular design.

        If you need any specifics on doing any of the above, let us know! We don’t mind the questions at all!

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