Most churches have an unsung hero who works tirelessly behind the scenes. This week is Administrative Professionals Week and while most businesses have a crew of outstanding administrative professionals, churches also have administrators who shoulder a huge burden and have an incredible contribution to the kingdom of God. It’s time to thank them for the way that they contribute and prosper the ministry of the church.

The Importance of the Task

In God’s eyes, there is no unimportant task. In some Christian circles, it is customary to say, “There’s no higher calling than to be a preacher of the Word.” That statement is patently false, and entirely unscriptural. It is far more accurate to declare that there is no higher calling than walking in obedience to God in whatever task he has called you.

Acts 6 provides a helpful picture of the importance of administrative roles in the church. The church leaders realized that they were diverting their energies to other tasks—tasks that were not less important, but were distracting them from their primary calling. In response, they selected godly believers who were able to give their attention to these other responsibilities. The lesson for us is obvious. As the church grows and matures, it should strategically adapt to its needs. It should use the gifts and of godly people to fulfill its various responsibilities. The church administrator thus fulfills a crucial role in church ministry.

The Responsibilities of the Task

Important as the church administrator is, what does the church administrator do? A better question is this:  What does the church administrator not do? Well, preaching and teaching are usually assigned to someone else, but everything else is fair game for church administrators. From scheduling, to phone calls, to financial statements, to bulletin preparation, to PowerPoint preparation, to property management, the church administrator is a position that has a never-ending list of responsibilities. Although church administrators rarely speak in front of the congregation, they have a position, which if done poorly or not at all, gets noticed by everybody. Besides having a huge To-Do list, the administrator also has to deal with the pressures of weekly deadlines, the reality of spiritual opposition, the difficulty of personnel issues, and the importance of engaging in spiritual service.

The Resources for the Task

Sharefaith is in the business of providing media for the modern church. We do more than just media, though. The resources of Sharefaith are designed to help administrators in the never-ending task. Here are a few of the ways that Sharefaith helps church administrators in their never-ending task.

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