Twelve Things You Need to Understand about Your Pastor

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Pastors are a misunderstood lot. Whether you are a pastor or have a pastor, you may have experienced some of this misunderstanding. A lot of people have a lot to say about how the pastor can do his job better. We’re not going to attempt that right now. Instead, we’re going to share a bit of advice that could save your pastor from burnout, and make his life a whole lot easier. Continue reading “Twelve Things You Need to Understand about Your Pastor” »

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Four Reasons to Encourage the Non-Pastors

It is customary in many churches to encourage young people to enter the ministry. Some ministers go so far as to say that being a pastor is God’s “highest calling,” and “there’s no greater job.” While these claims are dubious at best, there is nothing wrong with encouraging people to consider the ministry, as long as you’re not encouraging too hard.

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