34 Top Mother’s Day PowerPoint Sermon Templates

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and churches need Mother’s Day media. We’re helping it happen. Sharefaith produces some of the top Mother’s Day PowerPoint Sermon templates, along with Mother’s Day church videos, Mother’s Day worship loops, Mother’s Day church bulletins, and more. Mother’s Day church media is happening at Sharefaith. Check out what’s new, and be sure to join if you’re not a Sharefaith member!

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Ten Ways to Avoid Awkward Moments with Church Media

You know the feeling. It’s that odd, timeless moment when the tension mounts, the sweat pores open, the hushed snickers fade, and the audience is left wondering…waiting…is the missionary’s DVD presentation going to play? Or it’s the church video loop with that egregious spelling error: “Nusey Workers Meeting.” Nusey?! How did that one slip in? Or it could be the worship leader as he opens in prayer…his microphone totally silent. Whatever kind of media fumble you’ve experienced, you know the feeling. And it’s really awkward. Even if you use Sharefaith’s media, some¬†awkwardness¬†may occur. To all the churches across the world that experience awkward moments in church media, here are 10 ways to avoid those painful events.

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