Sermon Preparation: Six Methods for Coming up with Sermon Topics

Most pastors know the feeling of looking forward to next Sunday and thinking, “Ooh, I wonder what I’m going to talk about.” It’s a gut-wrenching sensation, usually resulting in some intense studying, a late Saturday night, and a few extra prayers on Sunday morning. We’ve come up with six popular methods of determining what to preach on, plus a powerful tool (the Bible software Logos), that will help you as you prepare sermons of any kind.
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Review of Logos Bible Software

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Mechanics shell out tons of money for high-quality tools like Snap-On wrenches. Engineers use a really expensive computer program called AutoCAD. Graphic designers purchase pricey software like Adobe Creative Suite. What about pastors? What are the tools of the trade? Books. Pastors buy books. However, “books” no longer describes just the bound stacks of glue-and-paper that line our bookshelves. Books are now packaged in bits. They are viewed on Kindles, iPads, and computer screens. They hurtle through cyberspace. They are downloaded in seconds. They are backlit. They are copied/pasted with the click of a mouse. They are digitally highlighted. They are stored on hard drives. They are synced with mobile devices. In a word, books—the pastor’s foremost tools of the trade—are changing.

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Is the Bible Old School?

“Son, you need to carry a real Bible.”

It might have been funny if the eldery gentleman was joking. But he wasn’t. The man was serious, even forceful. The person listening to the rebuke was the church’s guest speaker for that Sunday. But the guest speaker was not holding a 900 page, gilt edge, leather bound book. He was holding a svelte, aluminum clad, glass front, 0.5 inch iPad. So, in genuine concern, the elderly saint took it upon himself to correct this oversight: “Son, you need to carry a real Bible.”

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