Across the nation, there are hundreds of conferences delivering top-notch information and inspiration to God’s people. Ever since the days of camp meetings, Christians have thrived on intense periods of Bible teaching, worship, and prayer. Today’s Christian conferences are designed to help Christians focus on their area of ministry, provide encouragement, and sharpen one’s skills tools for ministry. Conferences aren’t just for pastors or church leaders, either. There are Christian conferences for moms, dads, women, men, Sunday School teachers, families, new Christians, old Christians, and medium Christians. Basically, there’s a Christian conference for anyone who is interested in deepening their relationship with Christ.


If you haven’t attended a Christian conference before, consider this your invitation. And consider this list to be the menu from which you can choose. All Conferences are listed in alphabetical order.

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Top Christian Conferences for 2019 in the U.S.

Amplify Conference

Look around you. Look around the world. So many needs, so many wounds and pains and divisions. So.much.brokenness. God made flesh, God dwelt among us. That’s what our world needs. An unsaturated, uncomplicated reconciling gospel that proclaims one thing: the healing work of the cross that has crossed two thousand years to get to us. For some, sharing the gospel is a dim memory. For others, it’s an archaic command. For others, it’s the call of a few. For too many, it’s hard, filled with fear, uncertainty, and a lack of feeling prepared. What all of these views lack is the rock-solid truth that God has called all of us, God will equip us, and God will do the work. When we take our eyes off ourselves, God is lifted high for all to see. Amplify 2019 will allow us to strip out the complexities of gospel witness and reveal the simplicity of the gospel that overcomes all barriers. Christ crucified. Christ lifted high. Our world made new. What does the simple, stripped gospel message look like to you? And how are you showing & sharing it with a world in desperate need of it?

Conference Details

  • June 25-26, 2019, Wheaton, IL
  • Speakers: CJ Rhodes, Alan Hirsch, Colin Smith, Sam Owusu, Dominique Dubois Gilliard, Jerry Root, Trillia Newbell, Ed Stetzer, James Choung, Sammy Wanyonyi, Sherry Harney, Bill Hogg
  • Cost: $229 before April 30, $259 before June 15, $299 June 16 and after

Answers In Genesis

The number of people practicing religions other than Christianity grows in the United States every year. They are our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and classmates. How do we reach these precious people with the good news of the gospel?

Conference Details

Answers For Women

  • April 5-6, 2019 (2 Days) Williamstown, KY
  • Speakers: Dr. Georgia Purdom, Ken Ham, Rose Colon, June Hunt, Phylicia Masonheimer, Amanda Peacock, Heidi St. John, Owen Strachan, Emily Thomes, Jonathan and Emily Martin, Fernando Ortega
  • Cost: $129

Answering Atheists

  • April 17-21, 2019 (5 Days) Williamstown, KY
  • Speakers: Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Dr. Jason Lisle, Michael O’Brien, Dr. Christopher Cone, Emeal Zwayne, Mark Spence, Bodie Hodge, Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson, Dr. Tommy Mitchell, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Tim Chaffey, Bryan Osbourne
  • Cost: Family Voyage- $499, Couples Getaway – $249, Single Adventure – $149

ARC Conference

Our goal is to see pastors and leaders encouraged, refreshed, and equipped to continue on the journey God has called them to. We hope that during your time with us, you will be able to relax, build new relationships, and leave more excited about this calling than ever before.

Conference Details

ARC Family Vibes


BASICcon is the national conference held by BASIC College Ministries. This event is held regularly each spring and fall in Rochester, NY. BASIC stands for “Brothers and Sisters in Christ.” BASIC College Ministries’ mission is to serve and equip local churches to help college students succeed in college and life. This is accomplished by resourcing them to start chapters that meet weekly on over 30 campuses across the Northeast.

Conference Details

  • April 5-7, 2019 (3 Days) Rochester, NY
    Speakers: Lee Cummings, Tim Matthews, Carrington Gaines, Lashanda Mccadney, Elijah Ball, Chris Zeigler, Cheryl Zeigler, Liz McNeill, Zach Hensley, Patrick Catouette, Caleb and Rachel Culver
    Cost: $60-$119

Bethel Conferences

Bethel is a congregation rooted in the love of God and dedicated to worldwide transformation through revival. It’s our goal for God’s love to be manifest in signs, wonders and miracles. The atmosphere at Bethel is charged with faith and exuberant joy, which manifests in all we do. We believe we’re on the edge of the greatest revival of all time. It’s our vision to see history become His-story as the kingdom of this world becomes the kingdom of our God. We welcome you to join us in this adventure!

Conference Details

Kingdom Culture Conference

Wonder Women’s Conference

Open Heavens Conference

Leaders Conference

C3 Conference

Hosted by noted Christian leader Ed Young, the C3 Conference is a 48-hour experience of energy, excitement, and passion, rooted in the cause of Christ. The lineup of speakers is selected to deliver information on the most relevant topics and in the most relevant way.

Conference Details


One of the most underserved segments of a church staff is the worship department. We are not talking specifically about one organization, what we are talking about is the community of Worship Pastors and staff. Notice we use the word “Pastors” because the Worship Pastor and his staff are responsible for creating an environment that is conducive for people to connect with the body of Christ. It is biblically commanded that the community come together and worship.

This is not a songwriter symposium or a creative conference. This is about discipleship, why Worship Pastors and teams do what they do, and how they connect each and every day.

Conference Details

  • 2019 dates have ended but we’ll update this if more 2019 dates come available.

Calvin Symposium on Worship

The annual Calvin Symposium on Worship is a three-day conference sponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Center for Excellence in Preaching.

The conference brings together a wide audience of artists, musicians, pastors, scholars, students, worship leaders and planners, and other interested worshipers. People come from around the world for a time of fellowship, worship, and learning together, seeking to develop their gifts, encourage each other and renew their commitment to the full ministry of the church.

Conference Details

  • January 30–February 1, 2020 (3 days) Grand Rapids, MI

Catalyst Conference

Hosted by Catalyst, one of the most innovative conference leaders around, this conference takes church leaders where they are at and helps boost them to a new level. Leadership requires resilience, organization, love, and practical wisdom. This is the conference that will help you get there.

Conference Details

Catalyst West

  • April 4-5, 2019 (2 Days) Orange County, CA
  • Speakers: Andy Stanley, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Chad Veach, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Jamie Ivey, John Mark Comer, Bianca Olthoff, Dr. Henry Cloud, Mike Foster, Ian Morgan Cron, Miles Adcox, Kim Walker Smith, The New Respects
  • Cost: Super Early Bird-$239; Early Bird-$269; Regular-$299

Catalyst Atlanta

Challenge Conference

Challenge is the national conference for EFCA students entering 7th through completion of 12th grade. It has proven to be a catalytic environment challenging students to live on mission with God every day, everywhere, forever.

Conference Details

Children’s Pastors’ Conference

The Children’s Pastors’ Conference (CPC) is the largest independent conference for children’s and family ministry leaders. Feel rejuvenated and empowered after hearing from the world-class leaders and kidmin experts and veterans teaching at CPC. Get connected to incredible tools, curriculum, ideas, and more for your ministry through our Resource Center. CPC is an experience you will never forget.

Conference Details

Christ Fellowship Conference

Learn strategies that will help you establish and maintain a healthy culture. Build a spirit of stewardship and generosity among your people. Empower the next generation to embrace the church today. Lead through times of transition in ministry with confidence and direction. Experience excellence in creativity and leadership.

Conference Details

  • The 2019 conference has ended but we’ll post 2020 details once they’re released.

Christian Musician Summit

The Christian Musician Summit conferences exist to provide practical training, equipping and resources for musicians, worship leaders, technicians, pastors, songwriters, and independent artists in order to improve skill and inspire talent for God’s glory.

Conference Details

  • November 1-2, 2019 (2 Days) Tacoma, WA
  • Speakers: Phil Keaggy, Paul Baloche, Krissy Nordhoff, Michael Farren, Dave Cleveland, Gary Lunn, Tom Jackson, Chance Scoggins, Frank Montgomery, Vance and Michelle Shepherd
  • Cost: Super Early Bird-$159

Church Sound & Media Techs Conference

CSMT Conference is a Church Tech Conference for all Church Techs, for any size and denomination Church. It is a very affordable way to get Training in Audio, Lighting, Media & More.

Conference Details

Circles Conference

Circles Co. provides creatives of all levels and backgrounds, experiences that can help propel their ideas forward. We’re here to connect them with world-changing thinkers and leaders in the creative industry, and help reignite their passion for the visual.

Our mission is to empower creatives to be their best creative selfs though building experiences that will enhance their lives + creativity.

Here at Circles Co. we strive to bring you the best of the best to share their knowledge and process. Whether they are the up-and-comers whose work you need to be watching or the design leaders whose portfolios you’ve long admired; with this speaker line up, you are guaranteed to leave inspired and ready to create.

Conference Details

City First Church Conferences

Our conferences are engaging environments designed to help people encounter God in a personal way. Each conference weekend is jam-packed with moments of powerful worship, incredible speakers, helpful practical application, and a ton of fun and creativity too! You will leave feeling refreshed, recharged, and inspired to tackle whatever life has for you!

Conference Details

Men’s Conference

The Original Women’s Conference

  • May 2-4, 2019 or May 9-11 (3 Days) Rockford, IL
  • Speakers: Session One – Jen DeWeerdt, Bob Goff, Lisa Harper, Lisa Bevere. Session 2 – Jen DeWeerdt, Alex Seeley, Bianca Olthoff, Dawnchere Wilkerson
  • Cost: Super Early-$99 ; Early-$109; Regular-$139

Marriage Conference

Thrive Youth and Young Adult Conference

Collyde Summit

Collyde Summit is a gathering of passionate believers in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, who love Jesus and are convicted to become world changers.

Conference Details

Connect Gathering

Traditionally we begin with a reception on Monday evening to welcome pastors, their wives and key staff attending. Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are loaded with incredible teachings by outstanding church ministry leaders who share their experiences and challenge the audience to move to the next level. There’s also plenty of fellowship time and a sit-down dinner on Tuesday night. The gathering officially concludes Wednesday by noon.

Conference Details

D3 Youth Conference

The opening Psalm describes a person who flourishes by standing firm in God’s word through all circumstances. The psalmist shows Christians how to live in light of the mounting pressures of this world. This summer, students from around the country will gather to study these themes for the 2017 D3 Youth Conference: Stand Firm.

Conference Details

D6 Family Conference

Bring your whole team. Bring your whole family. But most of all, bring a heart to be changed. “D6” stands for Deuteronomy 6, which contains the key text for family ministry. This conference is a focused event that helps church leaders and volunteers increase their effectiveness in reaching families.

Conference Details

  • September 26-28, 2019 (3 Days) Orlando, FL
  • Speakers: Russel Moore, Pam Tebow, Jefferson Bethky, Lissy Rienow, Jimmy Myers, Jim Putman, Jim Wideman, Jeff Wallace, Ron Hunter, Richard Ross, Timothy Paul Jones, Lydia Randall
  • Cost: Special-$219; Standard-$299

Drive Conference

Drive Conference is for church leaders who are continually shifting gears to keep up with the demands of ministry. At Drive, you’ll attend four main sessions, in which Andy Stanley will share his latest thoughts on leadership and ministry.

There will also be a variety of breakout sessions led by key communicators from North Point Ministries. These breakouts offer an opportunity to dive deep into ministry areas that interest you.

Conference Details

  • May 6-7, 2019 Alpharetta, GA
  • Speakers: TBD
  • Cost: Early Bird $299, General – $349

Essential Church Conference

What is essential to your church? What are the things that matter most out of all the things you do? It’s so easy to get caught up in the pursuit of more, or to lose ourselves in the busyness of the urgent and the good, that we end up drifting from the center. It’s time to return to the heart of it all, to strengthen the core, to become best at what matters most.

This Fall, we want to host a conversation that will help you explore the health, the story, the practices, structures, and power that are essential to our call as local church ministry leaders. It’s time to become an essential church.

Conference Details

  • The 2019 conference has ended but we’ll post 2020 details once they’re released.

Etch: Family Ministry Conference

More than half of church attendees are kids. We can’t afford to neglect them. LifeWay, a notable provider of children’s ministry resources, is on a mission to empower the church to minister more effectively to kids. This conference, designed for the leaders and volunteers in children’s ministry will leave no one unchanged. And, hey, since it’s about kids, why not have a little fun while you’re at it? Mission accomplished.

Conference Details

Experience Conference

Experience sums up what this conference is all about — experiencing God through worship. The conference features some of the world’s best-known and most-loved Christian artists. It’s three days of worship that you will never forget, and that will leave you humbled, changed, and in awe of God.

Conference Details

Exponential Conference

Exponential is a growing community of leaders committed to accelerating the multiplication of healthy, reproducing faith communities. We equip movement makers with actionable principles, ideas and solutions. We are passionate about accelerating multiplication through movement makers!

Conference Details

FILO (First-in Last-out) Conference

The FILO Conference aims to provide inspiring tools for everyone involved in the church technical arts looking for design, development and business insights. Whether you are a volunteer or a staff person, an audio engineer or a graphics operator, set builder or jack of all trades, there is something unique here for you and the role you play in your local church.

FILO stands for First In Last Out. If you are a technical artist in the local church, you know what it feels like to be there to unlock the doors of the church before anyone gets there. Long after the event is “done” you and your teams are still there getting things ready for the next event. Many times you are the first one in and the last one to leave. This idea describes what most technical artists feel like.

Conference Details

Flashpoint Conference

Come join us at one of the FlashPoint Disciple-Making Conferences as we explore the distinction of love that proves we are disciples – come alongside our amazing speakers as they dig into both the strategy of making our churches and ministries to be those that are disciple-making and the skills needed to be disciple-makers ourselves.

Conference Details

  • October 21-23, 2019 (3 Days) Loveland, CO
  • Speakers: Bernie Anderson, Craig Cable, Steve Case, Naomi Cramer-Overton, Michael Emerson, Robert Gelinas, Derwin Gray, Charity Kauffman, Rick Lawerence, Oneya Fennel Okuwobi, Tim Peterson, Frank and Sherry Pomeroy, Christina Rice, Tom Shultz, Joanie Shultz, DJ Soto, William Vanderbloemen, John Vitek, Brandon Wrencher
  • Cost: Early Bird-$275; Advance-$300; Regular-$375

G3 Conference

The mission of the G3 Conference is to educate, encourage, and equip for the work of ministry and for the glory of God. Our mission is built upon the foundation of the holy Scriptures and upheld by three pillars – gospel, grace, and glory. It is our goal to see the people who attend the G3 to reach the neighborhoods and the nations with the gospel.

Conference Details

Gateway Conference

Pastors are constantly ministering, serving, giving, pouring out, and maybe…just maybe, feeling a bit exhausted. Gateway Church gives God’s ministers a time to be ministered unto, sharing powerful teaching, tactical methods for ministry, and the encouraging embrace of warm Christian fellowship.

Conference Details

Global Leadership Summit

Willow Creek knows how to put on a conference. Nearly who has attended this particular conference has experienced a clearer vision, actionable tips for leadership, and a greater heart for people and the church. Learn management. Learn organization. Learn leadership.

Conference Details

Hawaiian Island Ministries Conference

Since its founding, HIM has gathered believers from across denominations, generations and cultures around Jesus to be the Body of Christ. HIM equips, embraces, emboldens, and encourages men, women and youth toward Christian transformation, unity, and lives that make a difference now and for eternity.

Conference Details

Heaven Come Conference

Our 3rd Heaven Come Conference is centered on communing with God, the One who is near. Jesus came and dwelled among us, leaving us the gift of His Spirit. As we abide in Him, more of His kingdom is established in us, through us, and around us.

Conference Details

  • May 23-25, 2019 (3 Days) Los Angeles, CA
  • Speakers: Bill Johnson, Robert Madu, Steven Furtick, Kris Vallotton, Christine Caine, Lindy Cofer, Bethel Music
  • Cost: Holiday- $159, Regular – $189, Premium – $249


  • Aug 29-31, 2019 (3 Days) Dallas, TX
  • Speakers: Robert Madu, Steven Furtick, Christine Caine, Jentezen Franklin, John Bevere, Chris Brown, Bethel Music
  • Cost: Holiday- $159, Regular – $189, Premium – $249

Hillsong Conference

Hillsong Conference is about championing THE Church of Jesus Christ; and together, WE are the Church. It is for people of all ages who are passionate about the local church and the call of the Kingdom of God.

Every year thousands of Christians, from hundreds of churches, unite under one Name at Hillsong Conference. This is an opportunity for you and your team to pause, listen and hear from God. Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from the wisdom and experience of inspirational church leaders, make an investment into your own personal leadership and be inspired and equipped with practical tools that will benefit your local church.

Conference Details

Hillsong: Colour Conference

My prayer is that as we gather again in 2019, that friendship, vision and calling will be strengthened – and that even if you are reading this for the first time or aren’t fully sure of what it all means, that regardless, you’ll sense there is more to life and more to what lies within you. The invitation to be part of a movement of world-changing women isn’t exclusive – it began for all of us with an initial response.

Conference Details


Ideas to Impact

Today’s church relies on the spark of innovative ideas and the advance of cutting-edge technology. This is the place where the spark turns into a fire. Presenters and speakers share resources, software, tools, and management resources, giving churches the most powerful tools available.

Conference Details


IMMERSE is about taking the next step. You can sing, play or write but know there’s still whole a lot more to learn about making really great music. IMMERSE brings experienced teachers together to walk you through the daunting process of recording, writing a great harmony, stage presence and literally hundreds of other topics that can overwhelm the creative mind. We’ve distilled the most important information, mixed it with networking opportunities among attendees and industry execs, added a unique mentoring and competition element called reVIEWyou plus thrown in some really great music all in the heart of Music City USA, Nashville.

Conference Details

  • June 10-12, 2019 (3 Days) Nashville, TN
  • Speakers: Ed Cash, Meredith Andrews, Anthony Brown, Tommee Profitt, Austin French, Casey J, David Leonard, Casey Voss and Madison Street Worship, Blaine Barcus, Melissa Chalos, Cole Flynn, Gina Miller, Jeff Mathena, Mike Grayson, Jackie Patillo, Nick Barre, Jason Davis, Eboni Funderburk, Jennie Riddle, Ted, Tjornhom, Rachel Pinkerton, Brad Oliver, Jon Sell, Monica Coates, Seth Mosley, Stacey Willbur, X O-Connor, Jerricho Scroggins, Jordan St. Cyr, Logan Crockett, Justin Amundrud
  • Cost: $199, A-List $895.

Inspiration Cruises and Tours

Inspiration Cruises & Tours is a Christian travel management company specializing in group travel experiences for Christian ministries and churches since 1981. As seasoned travel advisors, we partner with ministry and church leaders to prepare once-in-a-lifetime Christian cruises and Christian tours for like-minded people to get away and meet God in a unique setting. We care deeply about your travel experience.

Conference Details

International House of Prayer Onething Conference

The Onething conference is a gathering of young adults who have purposed in their hearts to live with abandonment and devotion to Jesus. We invite you to join 20,000 young adults in Kansas City this December to encounter Jesus through extended times of worship, teaching of the Word, and ministry in the power of the Spirit.

Our primary aim as we gather is to encounter the majesty and beauty of Jesus, our glorious King, that we might go forth empowered to do His works, be His voice, and see many lives changed.

Conference Details

  • December 2019 (4 Days) Kansas City, MO
  • Speakers: TBD
  • Cost: TBD

International Pastors & Leadership Conference

E2i (Effort To Impact) is where thousands of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, leaders, and pastors unite. Over the span of four days, you’ll glean insights on how to catalyze the greatest impact in your enterprise or ministry.

As the theme for the International Pastors & Leadership (IP&L) Conference 2018, E2i will elevate your effort to impact people, processes, workflow, investments, marketing and advertising, communication, and more. Whether you’re a tenured leader or a millennial entrepreneur, E2i will equip you to make a positive impact in today’s cross-generational environments.

Conference Details

International Worship & Artists Summit

Gospel Heritage provides you the opportunity to connect with church and ministry workers and leaders! It’s an experience like no other! The International Worship And Artists Summit is acknowledged by many as the premiere gathering for both education and inspiration. It is attended by pastors, worship and arts teams (directors, singers and musicians), Gospel recording artists, Record Industry professionals and Gospel Music fans. The Summit will feature both daytime classes and evening services along with other special presentations that should not be missed.

Conference Details

  • The 2019 conference has ended but we’ll post 2020 details once they’re released.

James River Church

Conference Details

Stronger: Men’s Conference

Designed for Life: Women’s Conference

Leadercast Live

Leadercast Live is the world’s largest one-day leadership event, with more than 100,000 attendees participating at 700-plus locations in 20 countries around the globe. It is designed for those seeking inspiration and improvement in leadership, whether you attend as an individual or with a group.

Conference Details

Ligonier National Conference

Whether you’re tired, stressed or in a season of drought, the only place you will find true rest is in the presence of the Lord. Linger provides you the opportunity to slow down, set aside time and experience the joy and peace that only God can provide. Join us for two days of unhurried times of worship in song and biblical teaching.

Conference Details

  • March 14-16, 2019 (3 days) Orlando, FL
  • Speakers: Joel Beeke, Ligon Duncan, Sinclair Ferguson, W. Robert Godfrey, Steven Lawson, José “Pepe” Mendoza, Sugel Michelén, Albert Mohler, Stephen Nichols, Miguel Núñez, Burk Parsons, Michael Reeves, Derek Thomas
  • Cost: $259

MPower Conference

Shelby’s annual conference for 30 years, International Shelby Conference, is now MPower User Conference 2019, a ministry technology conference for dynamic churches. We re-branded the conference to include these Ministry Brands organizations–

  • Shelby Systems (all v.5, Next, and Arena users)
  • FellowshipOne (all F1 Premier and F1 GO users)
  • Elexio (all Elexio Community users)
  • SimpleChurch users
  • Church Office users
  • easyTithe Plus users

Curious about what all these brands have in common? We are all part of the Ministry Brands partnership, and we all use Ministry Brands platforms. Coming together we still have all the things Shelby customers love about ISC, but MPower19 has more. More energy, more topics, more session presenters, more industry experts, more sponsors and their products. Bigger and better!

Conference Details

National Conference on Youth Ministries

The National Conference on Youth Ministries dishes up four days of thorough instruction, training, and encouragement for youth workers. It’s an opportunity to change your entire approach to ministry and deepen your commitment to life change.

Conference Details

National Worship Leader Conference

Worship leaders, pay attention. This one’s for you! This conference features a lineup of Christian worship leaders and bands that will rival any Christian conference you’ve attended. It’s time to learn from the best and to enjoy worship sessions all day long.

Conference Details

North American Christian Convention

The fact is, we live in a world that is crying out in need for a savior. The entire church must be mobilized to answer the call and embark on the mission. The NACC conference is designed to encourage and equip believers to do just that.

Conference Details

Northwest Ministry Conference

At NW MinCon, we are committed to offering a time to refresh ones spirit, thinking, creativity, leadership and ministry paradigm. While we do offer hundreds of workshops and experiences, but our goal is not to overwhelm our attendees. We want to encourage and reFresh them with great choices and exciting options that challenge and equip for greater Kingdom impact. We bring in experts both local and from across America who inspire with tools and ideas to help church leaders and volunteers continue to be successful in the ministry where God has called them.

Conference Details

NRB International Christian Media Convention

The Proclaim Exposition is the largest marketplace dedicated to Christian media professionals. This award-winning Exposition is alive with resources to help expand and enhance your media efforts. Whether you are a broadcaster, media pastor, program producer, film producer, webmaster, social media manager, blogger, podcaster, author, publisher, or other communications professional, the breadth and depth of the Exhibit Hall provide the resources you are looking for. From innovative ideas and endeavors to must-have tools and equipment, the Expo has it all! Plan to take some extended time to explore the hall to receive the best benefit from the Proclaim Exposition! Approximately 200 exhibitors will showcase their products and services.

Conference Details

  • Proclaim: March 26-29, 2019 (4 Days) Anaheim, CA
  • Speakers: Greg Laurie, John Macarthur, Joni Eareckson Tada, Priscilla Shirer, Devon Franklin, Tony Evans, Sam Brownback, Alex Kendrick, Jon Erwin, Andy Erwin, Rick Warren, Nona Jones
  • Cost: Member-$600; Non-Member-$750

The Orange Conference

We’ve designed the conference for entire family ministry teams. We encourage you to not only bring your department, but all interested in a complete strategy for the church. Our offerings touch on the subject matter for preschool, children’s, student, NextGen and senior leaders as well as volunteers. Everyone has a place at The Orange Conference.

Conference Details

  • It’s Personal: May 1-3, 2019 (3 Days) Atlanta, GA
  • Speakers: Reggie Joiner, Danielle Stickland, Bob Goff, Bernice A. King, Kara Powell, Doug Fields, Carlos Whitaker, Dharius Daniels, Gerald Fadayomi, Jon Acuff, Kristen Ivy, Mike Foster
  • Cost: Early-$309; Regular-$329

The Outcomes Conference

For Christian leaders, these are times of both unique challenge and powerful opportunity. God is moving hearts. The gospel is bearing fruit. Physical needs are being met. Lives are being changed!

The momentum is growing!

Our prayer is that your kingdom efforts bear fruit and grow as a result of our conference leadership training. At the Outcomes Conference, we’re featuring keynote speakers who embrace this power of kingdom momentum. Join us!

Conference Details

Outreach Summit

The Outreach Summit is unlike any other conference you have attended. You will hear the newest insights, innovations and learnings from leaders of America’s fastest-growing churches as they share practical, replicable ideas to help your church reach its full outreach potential.

Conference Details

Passion Conferences

There are 16 million college students in the world. This alone comprises one of the vastest and most needy mission fields. Who will reach them? Passion Conferences are on a mission to inspire students to reach their own. This conference and its entire experience of discipleship and teaching lives up to its moniker — passion — and is a powerful force for change in the world.

Conference Details

LIFT: A Worship Leader Collective

Passion Camp

  • June 10-14, 2019 (5 Days) Daytona Beach, FL
  • Speakers: Louie Giglio, Crowder, Passion Band, Brad Jones, Crowder, Social Club Misfits, Levi Lusko, Ben Stuart, Grant Patrick
  • Cost: Everything-$379; Program+Hotel-$299; Program+Meals-$255; Program Only-$175

Passion 2020

Power & Love Schools

It is time for the church of Jesus Christ to “come out of the closet!” We have the best-kept secret of signs, wonders and miracles but until recently, they have been accessible only to those who might venture into one of our meetings! We believe that this is the season for Christians to demonstrate the gifts of prophecy, word of knowledge, and healing IN THE WORLD! We won’t be “arguing people into the kingdom” anymore…we will be demonstrating the love of God through revelation and power!

The plan is to hold Schools of Power & Love in cities across the US designed to empower you in the gifts of prophecy and healing as a lifestyle! These gifted teachers will not only give you a wonderful new understanding of power evangelism but then you will be “activated” as you “do the stuff” of the kingdom!

Conference Details



Texas (for college students)



Q Conference

Q was created a decade ago in response to God’s calling our team to prepare for the cultural moment we now inhabit. Meet the founder and hear the heart behind the vision for Q 2019.

Conference Details

Refresh Conference

We understand what it’s like to raise kids who come from traumatic pasts. We know firsthand what it’s like to make the sacrifices. To be weighed down with shame and sheer exhaustion. We know. We are right there with you. That’s why we started Refresh back in 2011.

Conference Details

  • March 15-16, 2019 (2 Days) Redmond, WA
  • Speakers: Dr. Ira Chasnoff, Doug Fields, Daren Jones, Deborah Gray, Mike Berry, Mike Howerton, Ruth Graham, Molly Ford, Jenn Hook, Dena Johnson, Lisa Qualls, Brandi Lea, and many more
  • Cost: Early – $59

Renegade Pastors Conference

You can now be a part of the ultimate event for Renegade Pastors that will equip, encourage and motivate you to reach your maximum growth potential!

Ministry is challenging — but you don’t need to do it alone. Get the insights and inspiration you need to face those obstacles head-on and perform at the highest level as a church leader.

Discover practical tips to honor God in your personal life and ministry, advanced leadership insights, and best practices from our speakers and other successful “Renegades” from across the country.

Conference Details

  • The 2019 conference has ended but we’ll post 2020 details once they’re released.

RightNow Conference

In the beginning, God created light. When He made humanity, God infused the first man and woman with His own glory–so they would blaze with His light in the universe. But humanity’s sin snuffed out the flame. Through history, those who followed God flickered with His glory. Then God became human. In His perfect life and death, Jesus brought light back to our fallen race. At the 2019 RightNow Conference, we will gather together and explore how we can BLAZE WITH GOD’S GLORY–through the POWER OF JESUS’ GOSPEL and with the FIRE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. In this darkened world, WE WERE MADE TO SHINE.

Conference Details

Salt Conference

SALT19 Conference is a gathering of those who seek to use their God-given gifts to create environments and atmospheres to help people connect with their Creator! From storytellers to audio technicians, worship teams to entire communications departments, SALT Conference is for those who make Sunday happen and help share the message of the local church.

Conference Details

Send Conference

The drive of this conference is to see a movement of people from within the church living out the mission of God. The conference is designed for students, business people, soccer moms, church planters, grandmothers, lawyers, pastors, baristas – it is for the entirety of the church.

Conference Details

Shepherd’s Conference

The mission of the Shepherds’ Conference is to provide the opportunity for men in church leadership to be challenged in their commitment to biblical ministry and to find encouragement together as servants of the chief Shepherd.

Conference Details

  • March 5-8, 2019 (3 Days) Sun Valley, CA
  • Speakers: John MacArthur, Sinclair Ferguson, H.B. Charles, Albert Mohler, Ligon Duncan, Joel Beeke, Mark Dever, Steven Lawson, Voddie Baucham, Tom Pennington, Phil Johnson, Austin Duncan, Michael Riccardi, Keith and Kristyn Getty
  • Cost: Regular-$379

Simply Worship

A small church in Massachusetts asked us to come help train their team early in 2012. We decided to open the one-day event to other churches. 125 worship leaders from dozens of churches attended. The response was overwhelming and the need was clear.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of worship ministry or are new to serving the church in the worship arts arena, we have designed Simply Worship to serve you. For churches who have dedicated staff leading the worship arts area, Simply Worship is a perfect event to equip and encourage your volunteer community.

Conference Details


This conference exists to help pastors, musicians, and leaders build a Biblical understanding and creative vision for the congregational singing in their churches. Bringing together speakers and artists from many traditions and walks of life, our desire is to encourage churches towards a deeper, more dynamic view of theology, artistry and mission in congregational singing.

Conference Details

Song Summit West

A one-day songwriting intensive for those who want to explore the art of songwriting for the church. Main sessions will include more general topics that are applicable to songwriters at all stages.

Breakout sessions will cover a variety of topics and will provide options for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned writer (and anyone in between).

Conference Details

  • Spring 2019 Info Coming Soon

Sticky Teams Conference

This year’s conference takes a look at how we can discover new ministry directions that allow us to lead our teams in different and better ways. Sticky Teams features training from experienced ministry experts for pastors and church leaders of all kinds. Our “no green room” policy gives you unprecedented access to speakers and presenters, and our small conference size maximizes interaction and learning.

Conference Details

Superstart Conference

The only conference of its kind, Christ in Youth helps pre-teens in their walk with Jesus. Whether passionate for Christ, confused about it all, or just wanting to enjoy good fellowship, this is the conference that can change the life of any pre-teen. With unprecedented numbers of youths leaving the faith, this conference could be just what your pre-teen child needs.

Conference Details


You are invited to join us for the Synergize 2020 Pastors and Leaders Conference, scheduled for January 28-30, 2020, in sunny Orlando, Florida. Start making plans now!

Conference Details

Teach Them Diligently

The Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention was born out of a recognized need for more events celebrating the focus of Christian Homeschool Families — that is, to disciple their children to glorify God. The organizers of this convention are also officers of Worldwide Tentmakers, a mission agency focused on tentmaking as a missions strategy (as in Acts 18), therefore, missions, discipleship, and parenting are the primary focus of the Teach Them Diligently Convention in addition to the traditional focus on teaching techniques and use of curriculum.

Conference Details






That Church Conference

That Church Conference was founded by Justin Dean, Dave Adamson, Ashley Williams, and Van Baird. In 2015 the four of us set out to create something unique that would empower and change the way churches thought about digital communications and reaching people online. We met for coffee and walked away with a domain name, a Twitter account, and the foundation for a new church conference focused primarily on practical digital communications training.

Conference Details

  • September 17-18, 2019 (2 Days) Atlanta, GA
  • Speakers: Dave Adamson, Jeff Henderson, Sam Collier, Haley Veturis, Avery White, Kenny Jahng, Dawn Nicole Baldwin, Jason Young, Holly Tate, and more!
  • Cost: General – $247

Thrive Conferences

Churches are meant to thrive. In today’s culture of competition for noise-making, how does the church stand out? The Thrive Conference provides church leaders with a fresh vision and a bold stance to make an impact for eternity.

Conference Details

Unleashed Conference

Women’s Conference

Leadership Southwest Conference

Leadership Conference

Apologetics Conference

Together for the Gospel

Our fallen world has never been friendly to God’s way and God’s will. For some of us, this ever-present truth has become even clearer in recent years. The academy calls Christian morality bigoted. The courts choose the sexual revolution over religious liberty. Hollywood alters a nation’s moral sympathies from one season to the next. And racial animosity continues to rear its ugly head.

How should we respond?

Together for the Gospel 2018 offers this: the culture may call churches to conform, but God calls us to be Holy. Set apart. Sanctified. Distinct.

Conference Details

United Voice Worship Conference

The United Voice Worship Conference is designed for all who desire to live a more INTENTIONAL life of worship. The heart of this conference will focus on leading, loving and living in a way that honors God. It is our desire to “make every effort” to become more like Christ and model inclusivity in our churches and communities. Through the United Voice Worship Conference you will be inspired, encouraged and equipped to engage deeply with THE ONE who called us to live lives that show the world that we are UNITED!

Conference Details


One of the largest student missions conferences in the world, Urbana is a catalytic event bringing together a diverse mix of college and graduate students, faculty, recent graduates, pastors, church and ministry leaders, missions organizations and schools.

Conference Details

  • 2019 details haven’t been released yet.

Wave Conference

The Wave Church hosts an annual conference that is all parts encouraging, exhilarating and refreshing. The conference is perfect for the whole family and provides three days of enriching Christian content and fellowship.

Conference Details

Wave Conference

Wave Collective Summit

WFX Reach Conference

The purpose of REACH is to inspire, educate and equip churches with an affordable learning experience that will maximize the REACH of their ministries.The REACH Conference is held in a church setting and provides the essential educational elements of our national WFX Conference and Expo in 1.5 days. We host this event to extend the REACH of the unrivaled education and training that our WFX Conference & Expo offers.

At REACH, experienced church leaders and ministry experts in the areas of worship, technology, facilities, and communications will provide training, and share their stories making REACH a one-of-a-kind information resource for churches.

Conference Details

Worship 4:24

Mark your calendar now and plan to attend the Worship 4:24 Conference at Cedarville University on January 26-27, 2018. Co-sponsored by the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio and the Cedarville University Department of Music and Worship, this conference is designed to equip worship leaders, musicians, bands, praise teams, choirs, tech crews, and students to be effective leaders. This year’s conference will include a worship concert on Friday evening and general sessions and breakouts on both Friday and Saturday.

Conference Details

  • The 2019 conference has ended but we’ll post 2020 details once they’re released.

Worship Leader Summit

For more than twenty years we have been offering Worship Leader Summits: two powerful days (Monday afternoon until lunch on Wednesday) of worship, prayer, interaction, encouragement and fellowship. Worship leaders from across the nation will be there, but only about 20. We limit this event to the first worship leaders who sign up. This makes for a very intimate atmosphere.

Full-time, part-time or volunteer, it makes no difference. If you’re the primary worship leader for your church, you’re invited. (We do offer a limited number of spots to apprentice worship leaders attending with the primary worship leader.) You don’t want to miss the powerful times of worship, the meals, and the fellowship with like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s an event that will leave a lasting impression on your life and ministry. Don’t miss it!

Conference Details

Worship Northwest

Exalt the name of Jesus across cultural and denominational lines, provide practical biblical teaching for worship leaders at all levels, offer real-world training you can use next Sunday, provide a unified experience for your whole ministry team, and model excellence in worship with lay worship leaders.

Conference Details

  • The 2019 conference has ended but we’ll post 2020 details once they’re released.

Worship Together

An assembly of Worship Leaders, Pastors, Musicians, Creatives, and Worshippers gathered together in one space for the common purpose of lifting high the name of Jesus and growing in the way we lead His church.

Conference Details

  • The 2019 conference has ended but we’ll post 2020 details once they’re released.


WorshipLife is an intimate worship gathering designed to help Pastors and Church Worship Leaders live out Matthew 22:37. Through times of worship and fellowship with dynamic speakers and worship leaders, evening concerts, publisher reading sessions, choral premieres and breakout sessions, WorshipLife equips and inspires the Heart, Soul, and Mind.

Conference Details



XPastor is the market leader with proven capacity in reaching church leaders. XPastor brings together influential decision-makers from churches, both coast-to-coast and around the world.

Conference Details

  • The 2019 conference has ended but we’ll post 2020 details once they’re released.

Youth America Leadership Conference

Today’s youth ministers face one of the most challenging roles — leading young people to experience Christ in personal and vital ways. This conference is a time of teaching and sharing with youth ministry teams, developing a gospel-rooted strategy that goes beyond gimmicks and gets to the heart of the issues.

Conference Details

If you found a favorite conference on this list, check out their website and see about getting involved. If it’s too late to attend, don’t worry. You can always attend next year. Whatever your situation, give some thought to taking a conference at some point in the next 12 months. Although you may think, “It costs too much,” or “I can’t take that much time off!” you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. A conference isn’t just a time to travel to a different location or spend time with friends. It’s a time to open your heart to God’s work, see Him in a new way, and experience life change.


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