What’s the best presentation software for churches? We were been wondering the same thing. The biggest problem, most of them were all so expensive. So we made our own—a plugin that transforms PowerPoint into an powerful tool for worship presentation. It’s called ExaltNow. After months of planning, developing, researching, and testing, we introduce it to you.

New Presentation Software For Churches: Problem Solved

ExaltNow solves many of the problems associated with trying to use PowerPoint for worship. Here are a few of them.

Video in PowerPoint:  Problem Solved

PowerPoint is a great software application, but it has a serious shortcoming: lack of full-featured video support. ExaltNow changes that by allowing video and worship lyric integration. Easily insert a video and display multiple stanzas of worship lyrics on top of the looping worship video.

Expensive Worship Presentation Software:  Problem Solved

Another barrier to churches purchasing top presentation software is the price tag. Shelling out a few hundred bucks isn’t easy for most cash-strapped churches. Along comes ExaltNow to solve yet another problem. ExaltNow is priced at a sweet spot for most churches. It’s only $69.99, plus you get over $300 of free church worship videos.

Worship Lyrics in PowerPoint:  Problem Solved

If you’ve ever worked on Sunday worship slides, you know how it can be a pain to type in all those lyrics, or copy, paste, edit, and arrange them. With ExaltNow, it’s just the matter of finding the song and clicking insert—instant, painless, and problem-free. ExaltNow is integrated with CCLI’s SongSelect for breezy, easy, awesome lyric selection. If you don’t already use CCLI and SongSelect then you should look into it.

Complicated Presentation Software:  Problem Solved

ExaltNow is a plugin, meaning that you don’t have to squander away hours of time trying to get the hang of a totally new piece of software. You already know how to use PowerPoint, right? Perfect. Then you know how to use ExaltNow. All we’ve done is added a few cool buttons to your PowerPoint interface, allowing you to do amazing things with your PowerPoint presentation.

More Worship Media and Worship Videos:  Problem Solved

Most churches want more media—video loops, background videos, church PowerPoints, etc. Rather than taking out another mortgage on the church building and holding a bake sale to raise money, we’ve handed you a better solution. Free with your ExaltNow purchase is a bunch of free worship videos, worship loops, and more. It’s kind of like getting a pile of Christmas presents along with your plugin. Merry Christmas.

If your church has been looking for worship projection software, hesitant to spend buckets of cash, nervous about a software learning curve, and wishing the world was a better place, then ExaltNow is for you.

You can’t go wrong.