You can find a different bulletin cover for every Sunday of the year. Sharefaith’s professional, predesigned bulletin cover templates provide you with hundreds of print-quality designs from which to choose. Make your selection, download, and customize by simply adding your own text or other enhancements.

How To Download: Once you have selected your Bulletin Cover, you have four different download options: 1) PNG, 2) AI, 3) JPEG, 4) and MS Word.

What download option is right for me? The easiest and most convenient way to create your bulletin cover is to use the MS Word version. Save it to your desktop, and open it in Microsoft Word.  If you prefer more control and would like to further customize the bulletin cover image, you may download the PNG, AI or JPEG and edit the image inside any vector or photo software that supports the above formats.

Quality (DPI): Our bulletin covers are all designed in 150dpi print quality.

Compatibility: The PNG, AI, and JPEG download formats are supported in most vector and bitmap editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Xara, etc. The MS Word file is compatible with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Pages and Open Office. For best results, use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher.

When to use: Our bulletin templates are best used as cover designs for your Sunday bulletin handout. Most churches print their service order, weekly events, or song lyrics within the bulletin. Our professional cover design gives you beautiful imagery to feature on your bulletin.

Using it with MS Word: Download the Word version of your bulletin cover, save it to your desktop, and open it in MS Word.

  1. Change the “Page Setup” to “Landscape” mode.
  2. Resize the image to fit on the right hand side of the layout.
  3. Change your page margins to match to your printer settings. The recommended setting is 0.25” for top, bottom, left and right sides in order to retain the entire image without printer cutoff. You may need to make further adjustments according to your printer’s margin limits.
  4. Right-click the image and select “Arrange – Send to back.”
  5. Add your custom text by inserting a “Text Box” on top of the image.
  6. To add you own custom logo, select “Insert” then “Insert Picture” and chose “From File.” Browse your desktop or hard drive to locate your logo. Click “insert” once you have selected the proper file. If you add your logo within MS Word, the logo must be in PNG (transparent) format in order to prevent a white background surrounding the logo. You may also download the AI, PNG or JPEG option for the bulletin and add your logo directly to the bulletin cover image using a vector/bitmap editing software.

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10 Responses

  1. Debbie Nipper

    I have browsed through your site and am excited about what I have seen. We are looking for something “fresh” for our bulletin cover and have found several that I like. My question is this: I know you said in the info section that membership can be cancelled at any time. Would we still be allowed to use the design after that year is passed?


  2. Jonathan Rouse

    Hi, I am browsing through your site and am very excited as well about what i have seen. With these bulletin covers, what would you suggest would be best and cheapest way to get these printed?

    • admin

      Thanks for the question, Jonathan. We recommend Harvest Media as a printer. In addition to being a Christian organization, they specialize in a flexible order size, small-run printing jobs, and produce extremely high-quality printing. You can contact them via their web site:

  3. hazel b

    We print less than 50 bulletins each week and do it on a black and white printer.

    How easy is it to convert the color files to black and white? I don’t want my bulletins to be dark or look muddy.

    • admin

      Hello Hazel,

      Welcome to Sharefaith. Sorry for only returning to your question now, but I can see your dilemma. Because our projects is not specifically created for B&W printing purposes, it makes it a little difficult to get your colors exact.

      Here is a suggestion. Stay away from the darker, very busy designs. They will not translate well into black and white, unless you convert them to Grayscale in Photoshop and use the Brightness and Contrast tools to adjust the levels a little. Doing then should render a good results.

      With all other bulletins you should be fine just converting them to Grayscale.

      All Sharefaith’s church bulletin covers are design at 150 dpi giving you great printing quality.

      Hope this helps!

      Have a great day !!

      Hein van Wyk

    • admin

      Thank you Grace!

      That is very nice to hear. We love doing what we do and hope that it will edify and support ministries around the world.

      Have a fantastic day!
      Sharefaith Team

  4. Harolyn

    When using a bullentin cover I have difficulty getting it to extend to the end. Any suggestions.

    • admin

      Hi Harolyn, I’ll send you an email and we’ll see if we can get it figured out. Thanks!

      -Daniel with Sharefaith

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