Bake Sale Fundraiser

Fundraising ideas for your church

If you've ever considered fundraising for your church, you've probably thought about a bake sale! Bake sales have historically been one of the most popular mid-level fundraisers for churches and religious organizations across the country and around the world. But can a bake sale still work in the modern world, with soccer practices and dance recitals, where families so rarely eat meals together, where everyone's so strapped for time?

Sure it can! A well-made pie or pan of brownies never goes out of style - the challenge now is to figure out how to get your baked goods to a public that thinks it doesn't have the time. Try incorporating some of the following ideas into your church's next bake sale; you'll be amazed at the results you get!

Bake Sale Location
As with so many things, bake sales are all about location, location, location. Traditionally, a church parking lot may have sufficed, but people these days are rarely willing to make a special trip, even if it's for a good cause. If you're set on holding the sale in your church, think about having it in the foyer after Mass or Sunday services, as this placement will catch the traffic from your departing congregation.

Additionally, think about other high traffic areas where you might be able to hold your event. Local supermarkets, Wal-Marts, and concert venues are all great places to approach when looking for a place to hold your bake sale.

Is there a way you could coordinate your bake sale with another fundraising event, like a silent auction, bingo night, or talent show? Bake sales can be easily paired with other events, increasing your profits with just a bit of extra planning. Bake Sale Advertising Get the word about your bake sale out into the community! Using clipart from sites like FaithClipart.com, create beautiful, enticing fliers with all of the pertinent information included: what the event is, who it's for, why you're holding it, etc. It's a great idea to include a small map if the location is not well-known in the community at large.

You can also spread the word through other kinds of media, like newspapers and radio. Call your local paper and ask them to place an announcement in the Community Calendar section, or consider taking out an ad in the "Life" or "Community" section. Contact your local radio station and ask to submit a pre-written public service announcement advertising your sale. This can be a quick and effective way to spread the word throughout your area.

Bake Sale Date
When choosing a date for your sale, find a day with no conflicting events that might draw people away from yours. Unless you're coordinating with a specific holiday, pick a time of year when the weather will be nice, as people are most likely to buy when the sun is shining.

Bake Sale Supplies
When gathering your supplies, keep a few things in mind:
  • How many people do you expect to serve?
  • Will you be selling by the item or by the portion, slice, or square?
  • How many volunteers has your fundraising committee lined up to bake for your sale?

Considering these factors will determine the number or size of the following items, which you'll need to acquire for a successful bake sale:
  • Change for large bills.
  • A box or container for money, preferably with a lock.
  • Plastic bags for those who wish to take their purchases home.
  • Display tables with tablecloths. Consider using boxes, tiers, and fabric for a more eye-catching presentation area.
  • Signs to hang around the chosen venue.
  • Paper plates.
  • Knives for slicing the baked goods.
  • Spatulas for serving.

Other Fun Bake Sale Ideas
Is a typical bake sale too "Plain Jane" for your congregation? Consider these fun bake sale ideas to spice up your fundraising event!
  • A Bake Sale Theme, like Valentine's Day or "Pies You've Never Heard Of".
  • Sell chapbook collections of the assembled goods' recipes.
  • Host a Men's Bake-Off, giving out funny awards for "Most Creative Recipe" or "The Award for What Looked Like a Brownie But Wasn't".

No matter what kind of bake sale you choose to hold, this classic fundraiser remains a vibrant and viable way to raise funds for your church or religious organization. By focusing on location, advertising, the supplies you'll need, and (of course) your congregation's star bakers and confectioners, your bake sale fundraiser is sure to be a wonderful success, even in our modern fast-paced world.

Written by: Bob Robertson