How to increase Church Membership

Growing Your Congregation with Outreach and Compassion

Part of spreading the light of Christ's love is welcoming new members to our congregation with open arms. Offering an environment that is both welcoming and spiritually guiding can sometimes be quite a challenge, which helps to keep us humble.

If you're interested in growing your church's numbers and becoming more integrated within your community, the following information may be of some help. Though by no means exhaustive, these are techniques that have worked for churches in the past, and which may work for you, as well.

A Clear Statement
Make sure your congregation has a clear statement of faith and the role it wants to take on in the community at large. A finely expressed mission statement can give newfound purpose to your current parishioners, and can help to draw new members to your church, as well. The love and compassion of Christ are endless, and endlessly shareable through community and brotherhood. Stating your most cherished principles in a way that's both easy to understand and inspiring can be difficult, but doing so is indispensable when it comes to building a stronger community.

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Charity Work
Perhaps your church is already involved in community service and charity work -- if so, wonderful! Service is a great way to become more involved with your community. Try to make your church a resource for people who are interested in helping their community, whether they're Christian or not. Gather information about community and volunteer opportunities and make it available to anyone who asks -- and advertise this resource! Become a focal point for good works throughout your community.

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Community Events
Community events are a fantastic way for your church to become more engaged with the neighborhood or town at large. Sponsor jamborees or ice cream socials on a Saturday afternoon, and invite people of all faiths to attend. Take the time to get to know the people outside your congregation.

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Youth Programs
In terms of bringing guidance to adolescents and teenagers in your community, youth programs are invaluable assets. Skiing, hiking, and rock climbing trips, battles of the bands, and camping retreats all provide opportunities for the youth of your church to invite their friends of other faiths from the community at large to join in activities of friendship and togetherness.

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Working with other Religious Organizations
Exploring partnerships with other religious groups of your faith and beyond can be an excellent way of growing your congregation. Think of your church as a beacon, not just to community members, but to religious organizations in the community. Reach out to make friendships with church leaders of other denominations and faiths. Communication is often the first step creating a stronger and more unified neighborhood or town.

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People in Need
Those in need of assistance, both practical and spiritual, will naturally be drawn to churches that can provide such services. The downtrodden, addicted, and homeless are often receptive to spiritual guidance in a practical form. Also, single parents, in particular, are often in need of support and advice from their community, and your church has the opportunity to take a major role in the lives of such people and their children.

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Written by: Bob Robertson