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To Achieve Excellence in Christian Design it is Important to Choose the Right Person for the Right Task

When it comes to a Christian message, there is no substitute for excellence. Excellence should involve every aspect of design and content of church marketing materials. And while it may take a team of people working together to make a great product, too many people can increase the possibility of mistakes. For the best result, select just the right number of people for the project and make sure that everyone knows that a standard of excellence is required.

Diligence and discipline are vital to a job well done. It takes diligence to find the right person for the task. And it takes discipline for that person to keep the benchmark of standards high. When selecting a person to design, write or proofread and edit materials, specific skills are required. But even ability does not guarantee an excellent job.

People with amazing skills often do less-than-favorable work and cannot be trusted to do even the smallest task with quality. And when the job involves creating marketing materials for the church, poor quality results in an unfavorable first impression. On the other hand, high quality materials done with the value of excellence elicit trust and dedication, and excellence.

For example, FaithClipart offers a comprehensive collection of high quality images that have been crafted by professional artists, illustrators and graphic designers. They not only have talent, but are inspired, passionate and creative team of people Using a variety of styles, who are not only skilled, but have passion and the that have not only the ability to create but the inspiration to combine appropriate words and Scriptures with carefully designed images. This requires an attentive and patient eye for detail.

Aside from using the talents and skills of creative people, there are many simple ways to ensure that the church produces high quality materials. The first step is to plan ahead. Don’t wait for the last minute to try to pull something together. When projects are rushed, mistakes are made and the quality of work is poor.

Be creative yet practical when it comes to choosing artwork. Decide if the materials are geared toward adults, youth or children and select age-appropriate images. The style of artwork should also go along with the content. For example, if an announcement for a prayer seminar is being created, select an image that reflects an attitude of prayer such as hands folded in prayer, a person with their hands lifted toward heaven, or a child kneeling by their bed.

Be careful to keep the font styles, colors and sizes consistent. It is important to select a few different fonts that complement each other. But don’t use more than 2 or 3 different fonts. For example, if a newsletter is being designed, make all article titles the same style. The font style of the content can be different from the titles, but the font style for all the content should be consistent. The title of the newsletter can have a font all its own so long as it does not clash with the other fonts. For example, don’t select an Old English-style font for the title if the content is in Comic Sans. In addition, use the more whimsical lettering styles for children’s materials. For adult materials, stick with fonts that appeal to mature minds, like Arial, Papyrus or other traditional fonts.

Determine the style of images to be used and stay consistent throughout the material. There are several styles to choose from: religious icons, modern, cartoon, and so on. Again, the key is to select images that are both age and content-appropriate. It is also important to keep the image styles consistent throughout the materials. For example, don’t mix cartoon images with modern images.

Live photograph images make an incredible presentation, especially when the image is something the viewer can identify with. Scenes that involve nature usually work. Keep this in mind when selecting images for imagery such as worship service backgrounds, bulletin covers or any other types of materials that will be seen on a regular basis. These images can include either Scriptures or inspiring messages for an added touch.

Written by: Amy Miller