A Virtuous Woman Practices Submission

Godly Women are Humble and Submitted

A toddler will attempt to get their way by screaming. A young child will cry and whine. A teenager will sulk and threaten to run away. Adults don't have to scream, sky or sulk to get what they want; they simply do it, in their time and in their way. Many adults are good at manipulating life in their favor. To the world, this is normal behavior. Many worldly people take charge of their own life, without regard for God or even other individuals. Christians, however, live life under a completely different set of rules. They are called to submit to the authority of God and to the authority of those that God has placed over them. In addition, a Christian woman is commanded to surrender to the will of the Father.

A woman who is not submitted is as destructive as a person driving on the wrong side of the road around a blind corner and then blaming the oncoming car for the collision. It does not make sense to expect that the oncoming vehicle will yield to the first car's way of driving. Yet this is how many Christians women live their lives. They want to take care of things the way they think they should be handled. Then when things go sour, they blame others for their mistakes. They take charge over their actions, yet they do not take responsibility for their actions. But God did not create women to operate this way.

It is true that submission has been a sore subject since the beginning of time. It even sparked the women's movement as the world perceived that submission was restrictive, even squelching. It makes women appear weak and incapable of making decisions. But God sees it differently.

There is great power and freedom in submission. Things like seeking counsel, being accountable to leadership and walking in obedience all provide safety. When a woman resides in safety, she can enjoy the freedom to live a protected and powerful life. She has learned how to trust, and in turn has become trustworthy. She does not need to worry about her welfare, or her future. She has willingly and purposefully placed her life in the hands of those who can guide her and watch over her, be it husband, pastor, or her Heavenly Father. This is not weakness. Rather, it is wisdom that every woman of God should want to follow.

Written by: Amy Miller