Rosedale Bible College

Ohio's Rosedale Bible College

2270 Rosedale Road
Irwin, Ohio 43029
Tel: (740) 857-1311
Fax: (877) 857-1312
Web site: http://www.rosedale.edu/

The mission of Rosedale Bible College is to provide an evangelical junior Bible college education in the Anabaptist/Mennonite tradition. The college equips students to grow spiritually and academically and to serve effectively in the church and society. Rosedale is committed to academic excellence and a campus atmosphere that encourages concentration on spiritual growth and discipline.

An Associate Degree in Biblical Studies is the degree program offered by Rosedale Bible College. Students may choose between nine different concentrations within the degree curriculum. For students studying for only one year, the college offers a Certificate in Biblical Studies, which shares many core requirements with the associate's degree.

Rosedale Bible College has a comprehensive web site. Links get students the information they need quickly and easily. Student and their parents will have no trouble finding relevant information because it is organized well and accessible.

Written by: Jillian Mohr