Roberts Wesleyan College

New York's Roberts Wesleyan College

2301 Westside Dr.
Rochester, NY 14624
Tel: (800) 777-4RWC
Web site: http://www.roberts.edu/

Roberts Wesleyan College is a vital part of Rochester's exceptional mix of educational opportunities. With an enrollment of more than 1,800 students and a tradition of excellence dating back to 1866, Roberts Wesleyan is a dynamic leader among American liberal arts colleges with a Christian world view.

Roberts Wesleyan College offers more than 50 undergraduate programs, including graduate programs in education, nursing, school psychology, school counseling, counseling in ministry, social work, and management.

Roberts Wesleyan College's web site has all the features expected from a professional resource. Navigation throughout the site is quite easy and fast and information is given in a clear and concise manner.

Written by: Jillian Mohr