The Bible as Proof of Christianity

The Bible is a Standalone Testimony to the Awesome Power of God that has Stood the Test of Time

The Christian faith is the Bible. The history and controversial claims contained within Scripture are the basis of doctrines and foundations of knowledge and relationship with God. The Bible is unique, a standalone testimony to the awesome power of God. The Bible is so important to our faith that if it was found to be just a hoax, there would be no Christianity.

Christians view the Bible as the infallible word of God, free from error and true in its very essence. God spoke to the authors who were men, capable of fraud and error, and trusted mankind to preserve His words in their entirety. Without the original documents one might be led to believe that the Bible was written, translated and edited so many times that the original text is guaranteed to be lost forever.

When sharing Christ with others, it is not uncommon for the accusation of textual error to emerge. As a matter of fact, it is not entirely unreasonable for one to question the reliability and accuracy in the document. With so many worldviews and religions competing today, even the most devout Christian should be asking themselves if the Bible can be trusted.

The Quran, the Torah, and even the Origin of Species are all documents that war for the territory of being the true worldview. The world's religious documents all contain truth claims which are incompatible with one another. Secular worldviews clash with theistic worldviews and in the end, there can be only one truth.

This series is written for the twofold purpose of training and evangelism. A theistic person, whether Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu or another religion can weigh the trustworthiness of their sacred documents against the sacred documents of the Christians. A non-theistic person should view the credibility of the truth claims contained within and the evidence of truth claims found outside of the Bible in order to make an intellectual judgment on the validity of the Bible's views on reality.

One must not only keep an open mind, but adhere to a willingness and a love for truth. Christians should adopt this method as well. Those who claim to be Christians are charged with putting up an apologetic argument for the truth claims of the Bible. If the Bible is wrong then all believer are wrong and a shift to rightness is in order.

The Bible is the most scrutinized and attacked book on the planet. Accusations of fallacy fly from every direction, yet it has withstood the test of time. Biblical Christianity is by far the most intellectual satisfying worldview ever known. />

Written by: Roberto Perez