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1 Chronicles Many readers who make it through the books of Samuel and Kings find the accounts in First Chronicles to be redundant. While it does duplicate much of the text, hidden truths are found in this book and it offers a unique perspective not found elsewhere. In short, the book of First Chronicles is God's perspective of Israel.
1 Corinthians Believers were expected to conduct themselves in a way that identified them with Jesus Christ, not with the pagan culture surrounding them. These things were important to the survival and growth of the Corinthian church, which Paul included in the letter.
1 John John, in several places throughout his letter, emphasized love as the confirmation of abiding in Him. The believers were not to love the world or anything in it, but instead were to love their Christian brothers and sisters.
1 Kings The events recorded in 1 Kings cover a span of about 120 years of Israel's history. The book is divided into two obvious sections: the unified kingdom under the reign of Solomon recorded in chapters 1-11, and the divided kingdom under the reign of many different kings recorded from chapter 12 to the end of the book.
1 Peter Christians are a chosen people who had been called out of darkness. As such, they were to follow the example of Christ in love, obedience and forgiveness.
1 Thessalonians Even with tremendous opposition and persecution, Christians in Thessalonica were able to stand strong in their faith, bringing joy and peace to Paul, their spiritual father.
1 Timothy According to 1 Timothy, personal integrity is a greater responsibility for those who desire to be a leader. And only those who have proven themselves faithful over time are to be selected for such a role.<
2 Chronicles Like 1 Chronicles, this book is made up of two distinct sections. The first covers the reign of Solomon, and the second covers the rise and fall of the remaining kings of Judah. Altogether, 2 Chronicles reveals God's heart toward His people: though they were a rebellious nation who continually rejected Him as their King, He still continued to watch over them, and fulfill His plan of redemption through them.
2 Corinthians Paul was providing the Corinthian church an example of Godly restoration when it comes to church discipline. Just as he had reassured them of his love and concern after rebuking them for their behavior, they, too, were to show forgiveness and love so that a fallen brother could be restored back into fellowship with them.
2 Kings The book of Second Kings is like the tragic ending of a movie. The nation of Israel had deteriorated to the point of no return. What began as a promise to Abraham took shape as a unified nation that God rescued from the hands of Egypt with mighty signs and wonders. But it ended when divided and rebellious people were too prideful to seek the one true God who gave them every opportunity to repent.
2 Peter Peter's desire as an apostle and follower of Jesus Christ was to not only strengthen the faith of the believers, but to warn them of the sheep in wolves' clothing that were coming in to destroy the flock.
2 Samuel The book of 2 Samuel follows the life and reign of David. God used David to bring Israel back to Himself, and to set the standard for the reign of future kings. Many kings after David were judged by whether they had done what was right in the sight of the Lord according to their father David. But more importantly, 2 Samuel records the personal covenant God made with David for an everlasting kingdom.
2 Thessalonians Paul's heart was fixed on the spiritual growth of the Thessalonians, as well as their accuracy in Christian doctrine. So in a brief letter, he took the time to clarify that indeed the Lord's Day had not come yet, and that there were events, or signs, which had to occur before that day.
2 Timothy Timothy came from a long line of believers. His grandmother, Lois, and his mother, Eunice, were both Christians. They passed down their spiritual heritage to Timothy, who embraced the faith with incredible tenacity.
3 John Unity among the believers was of utmost importance, and any uncharitable actions disrupted the harmony of the church. It was Gaius' responsibility as a church leader to continue to set the example in love, faithfulness and holiness.
Bible facts for new believers As the inspired Word of God, the Bible provides the world with a set of standards and principles to live by. The authors were humans who were divinely guided to write words of eternal truths and to communicate the will of God.
Daily Bible Study - Colossians The focus of Paull's letter was to bring the Colossians back to the foundational truth that Christ is the head, and everything and everyone else was to fall in line after Him. Christ was to be a part of every area of their lives, and His presence was to be evidenced by their obedience to His words.
Daily Bible Study - Daniel While well-known Bible stories about Daniel can bring excitement and wonder to young wide-eyed learners, and are illustrations of incredible faith and obedience under pressure, their importance is only secondary to the overall impact that the prophet Daniel had on the society that he lived in.
Daily Bible Study - Deuteronomy The Israelites are now standing at the threshold. The much longed for Promised Land that had been pledged to Abraham more than 400 years earlier, the land flowing with milk and honey, lay just a few miles away. The Israelites were camped in the land of the Moabites, overlooking Jericho and the plain of Jordan, on the eastern border of Canaan.
Daily Bible Study - Ecclesiastes all of the insights that Solomon provides in the book of Ecclesiastes are not so much what the meaning of life is, but rather what it is not. Through a series of deductions, one by one the things that seem important are labeled as nothing but vanity, or empty and fleeting. But in the end, the conclusion that Solomon comes to is simple: Fear God and keep His commandments.
Daily Bible Study - Ephesians Paul unfolds the great mystery of the church like no other letter. God's secret is revealed, that those who are united by the blood of Jesus Christ all make up the Body of Christ, one that expresses the fullness of Christ on earth.
Daily Bible Study - Esther The book of Esther tells the story of how a Jewish girl became a queen, and like a graphic novella describes intriguing people, luxurious places and delicate protocol, mixed with emotions and difficult decisions, all during a turbulent political setting.
Daily Bible Study - Exodus The book of Exodus may be one of the most important books of the Old Testament. In it are the providence and protection for the people of God, whose forefathers moved to Egypt to escape a famine 430 years earlier. Exodus begins where Genesis ends, unfolding one of the greatest stories of deliverance.
Daily Bible Study - Ezekiel The book of Ezekiel portrays a prophet's agony over the waywardness of a people who persistently rejected God as their King. Despite multiple opportunities to repent, Judah remained hard-hearted and ultimately faced devastating consequences. With blunt imagery, Ezekiel accurately describes the adultery of the people of Israel, and the depths of their ruin because of it.
Daily Bible Study - Ezra The book of Ezra records the events involving the return of the captives and reconstruction of the temple.
Daily Bible Study - Galatians Through a concise sequence of spiritual logic, combining both the Law and the teachings of Jesus, Paul brings the Galatians back around to the foundation of their Christian faith, that their salvation was based solely on their faith in Jesus Christ.
Daily Bible Study - Genesis The heartbeat of Genesis is the sinful state of man and his need for a Savior. God created man so that He could have intimate communion and fellowship with him. But the entrance of sin in the Garden of Eden broke that relationship between creation and the Creator. Although Adam and Eve had to pay a painful price, their excommunication from the garden came with a promise: one day Satan will be defeated, and the relationship between God and man will be restored.
Daily Bible Study - Haggai The people of Judah had become discouraged. But God spoke through the prophet Haggai the words that the people needed to hear, "<i>I am with you.</i>"
Daily Bible Study - Hebrews As for the believers of Hebrews, they had received the salvation that the believers of old had been waiting for. For this reason, the author exhorted them to continue in their Christian faith despite the intense opposition, for to turn back to Judaism was unthinkable.
Daily Bible Study - Hosea Hosea ministered to the northern kingdom of Israel during the reign of Jeroboam II. By outward appearances, Israel was doing well. But just below the surface, spiritual and political unrest and anarchy were brewing.
Daily Bible Study - Isaiah The book of Isaiah was written during the reigns of kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, all of whom successively ruled the southern kingdom of Judah. During this time politically, both Israel and Judah had reached incredible wealth and power. Unfortunately, they also had declined spiritually, giving in to division, idolatry and immorality.
Daily Bible Study - James By putting into practice the things that James wrote in his letter, the believers scattered throughout Judea could experience unity and blessing, and set in motion a godly example for the generations to follow.
Daily Bible Study - Jeremiah Throughout the ministry of Jeremiah, he shed many tears for the people of Judah, knowing that they could not escape destruction without an upright covenant relationship with God expressed by obedience. It was to this end that Jeremiah prayed, interceding for the people, and speaking truth despite the intense persecution he experienced.
Daily Bible Study - Job While Job survived seemingly insurmountable experiences, the true beauty of his story lies not in the terrible tragedies of his life, but that Job passed many tests by remaining faithful despite the circumstances. Job learned true humility and dependence on God through the hard times.
Daily Bible Study - Joel Joel prophesied to the southern kingdom of Judah, during the greatest natural disaster in the history of all Israel. While the exact time of the event is unknown, the effects were devastating and long-standing. A plague of locusts had swarmed the land of Judah and destroyed not only the crops already in the ground, but also the seed for the next planting season. It was like no other event before it, including the plague of locusts that struck Egypt in the days of Moses.
Daily Bible Study - John There are multiple teachings written in John that are not found anywhere else, and there are accounts of miracles and personal encounters that are not recorded in any other book. But no other book co clearly reveals the truth that Jesus is the Son of God. This is the heart of the message of the book, and everything recorded in its pages points to this truth.
Daily Bible Study - John It is incomprehensible that such a sovereign God could love such a depraved and debauched society. It is equally incomprehensible that such a sovereign God could give such a valuable gift to such a depraved and debauched society knowing that so few would receive it.
Daily Bible Study - Jonah The story of Jonah is often told in Sunday School, but the book of the Bible is an important message for Christians who tend to disobey God. Jonah was to preach to the city of Ninevah, but his hatred for the people had him sailing away, only to be thrown off the boat and into the belly of a whale.
Daily Bible Study - Joshua Throughout the book of Joshua, there are several incredible accounts of God moving in both miraculous and mysterious ways. As the feet of the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant stepped into the overflowing Jordan River, the waters suddenly parted and all of Israel crossed over on dry ground. Upon crossing, Jericho was the first city they reached. After the Israelite army marched around Jericho for six days, and then seven times on the seventh day, they blasted their horns and the seemingly impenetrable walls crumbled to the ground.
Daily Bible Study - Jude It was important for the believers to stay in close fellowship with those who taught the truth given by the Apostles, to avoid being led astray by the craftiness of false teachers. It was also the spiritual responsibility of believers to discern between truth and deception, to avoid false doctrines and even apostasy.
Daily Bible Study - Judges Despite the sins of Israel, God always remembered His promise to Abraham for a nation that would be His special possession. So rather than let them be completely destroyed by their enemies, God sent them a rescuer, a judge, who delivered the people from their oppression.
Daily Bible Study - Lamentations The book of Lamentations is filled with incredible human grief over the suffering of the people of Judah and the destruction of Jerusalem. Even after multiple warnings from many different prophets, God's people still chose to turn from Him completely and turn instead to their idols of wood and stone.
Daily Bible Study - Leviticus The responsibility of holy living for the Israelites was serious, and the consequences unholy living were grave. The Israelites were headed for the Promised Land, which was promised to Abraham 430 years earlier. In order to possess it, they were going to have to drive out the Canaanites who lived there. The Israelites greatly needed exact guidelines and instructions for both worship and holy living in order to survive the new land and continue to live in the presence of God.
Daily Bible Study - Luke The book of Luke, along with the book of Acts which was also written by Luke, makes up nearly a quarter of the New Testament. There are events and information recorded in Luke that are not in any other gospel book. But more importantly, the book of Luke was written from a perspective that is not shared by any other gospel book, as revelation from God and from witnesses rather than from first-hand experience.
Daily Bible Study - Malachi God had not changed; He still loved His people, and yet still hated their sin. Because of this, Malachi called the people to repentance, stating that if they returned to God, He would return to them.
Daily Bible Study - Mark Mark is a book full of action, one that quickly moves from scene to scene with everything pointing to a central theme: Jesus is a servant. Each event is given not in chronological order, but deductive order, so that one who reads it would get a clear picture that Jesus had come to be a servant to mankind.
Daily Bible Study - Matthew The phrase "kingdom of heaven" is used 33 times in Matthew, emphasizing not only the existence of a government outside of the administration of the priests, scribes and religious teachers, but also that Jesus, who is proven as the Son of David, is the King over that kingdom.
Daily Bible Study - Micah The prophet Micah lived in Moresheth, about 20 miles southwest of Jerusalem. Though a small-town prophet, Micah carried a big message to the people of God, one that had gone sorely unheeded, warning after warning. Israel had been confronted by many of God's prophets, and they were not getting the message. The words continued to fall on deaf ears, and unrepentant hearts.
Daily Bible Study - Nahum Unlike other prophetic books before it, the book of Nahum does not include a message of hope for the one receiving it. But for the people of Israel, it was a message of life and deliverance. To know that God was moving heaven and earth to defend His people, and that their greatest enemy would be crushed brought great joy and celebration.
Daily Bible Study - Nehemiah The book of Nehemiah tells of the courage of one man who withstood relentless harassment and mockery because of his love for God, and for Jerusalem. Nehemiah brought comfort to his fellow brethren by prayerfully pursuing the rebuilding of his beloved homeland.

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