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Christian Bible New Years Resolutions Traditionally, many people in the world get inebriated, only to wake up sometime the next day not knowing what they might have said, what happened, or with whom. As a safe and sane alternative to the typical New Year’s bash, Christians can gather together with music, food, games, perhaps an inspirational message, and some powerful prayer. Then go home, go to bed, and enjoy the next day without a smashing headache or an upset stomach.
Christian Christmas Traditions of Food Next to Thanksgiving, Christmas is perhaps the biggest food-producing holiday in America. From candies to casseroles, and from homemade cinnamon rolls to roasted chestnuts, everyone’s palate can be tantalized by the tastes of Christmas.
Easter Sunday - The Resurrection and The Words of Jesus After Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected, He spent 40 days on earth. In all, more than 500 people became witnesses to the prophetic promise that was fulfilled. The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John provide an overview of Jesus' teachings, instructions and inspiration as the resurrected Christ.
Forgiveness on Good Friday Two men hung next to Jesus on the day of his crucifixion. They were both sinners, but one had a hardened heart. The other man knew who Jesus was and took the opportunity to ask for forgiveness. He said: "Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom."
Good Friday: The Passion of Christ The story of Good Friday can be studied and discussed in many ways. There's the why of it, the how of it, the people involved in it, and the repercussions of it. But the bottom line to the Good Friday story is that Jesus suffered and died so that mankind could be saved and find peace.
Is Santa Claus Pagan? It is almost unheard of for a home to not have a Christmas tree. Likewise, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa Claus. The two just go together, there’s no doubt about it.
Jesus Riding into Jerusalem There was great anticipation and excitement as Jesus began to ride into Jerusalem on a donkey. Many wondered what Jesus was going to do next. But not all of the people were excited about Jesus arriving in the city for the Passover. The scribes, chief priests, Pharisees and Sadducees and other religious leaders were afraid of Him, and wanted to stop His influence.
List of Christmas Traditions of Blended Families While God never intended for families to be broken, His grace can bring blended families out of the brokenness into peaceful acceptance of each other. With time, the relationships can even grow into unity and fellowship where division and anger once ran amuck.
New Year's Resolutions - Christian New Years Choosing to do the will of God is always a right choice for a Christian New Years resolution. God’s favor and blessings should be incentive enough to pursue Godly goals.
Simon of Cyrene Carries the Cross of Jesus The body of Jesus was mutilated beyond recognition. He was barely able to stand, let alone able to bear the weight of his own cross. It didn't make sense. If this was the Messiah, it was not supposed to end this way. Having no choice, Simon of Cyrene swallowed his pride, took up the cross, and followed Jesus.
Sinless Sacrifice of Jesus While God originally instituted animal sacrifice as a way of providing ceremonial cleansing for His people, those sacrifices were not able to cleanse man's conscience from the effects of sin. Only the blood of Jesus Christ could remove the stain. The author of Hebrews taught in his letter that only by becoming a human could Jesus die, and it was only through his death that the power of Satan could be broken.
The Christmas Traditions of Gift Giving People all across America look forward to giving and receiving gifts wrapped in bright and glittery paper and ribbon. There’s something about the way the Christmas tree looks when beneath its branches lies a mound of shiny gifts of all sizes.
The Last Supper - Judas Iscariot's Betrayal of Jesus Following the arrest of Jesus, guilt and despair were too much for Judas to overcome. Rather than seek forgiveness or reconciliation, Judas committed suicide. His death was a tragedy; he would have had the same opportunity as Peter to turn things around, and he would have been in the Upper Room with the other disciples to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. Instead, like Cain, Judas' actions forever dishonored him.
The Last Supper: Jesus Washes the Disciple's Feet At the Last Supper, Jesus demonstrated his greatest act of servant leadership. He and his 12 disciples had just finished eating when Jesus, with only a towel wrapped around his waist, knelt down at the feet of each of them and washed their feet, drying them with the towel. This overwhelming expression of pure love made a lasting impression on the disciples, and laid a foundation for true servant leadership; one that has become the model for Christians today.
The New Year's Resolution of Believers Striving for perfection isn’t the worst thing. But when making New Year's resolutions it is important to understand that it takes time to change habits and lifestyles. Often it takes extra time and effort to reach an important personal goal, but the result is well worth it. Instant success might be an unrealistic expectation, so if there is a temporary setback or postponement, try again.
The Passion of Christ - Peter's Denial of Christ Peter went from denying Christ to becoming the leader of the 12 apostles, proving the words spoken by Jesus in Matthew 16:17: "<i>And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it</i>."
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: The Witnesses Of the many people that witnessed Jesus Christ in His resurrected body, only a handful of specific people are named. Each appearance was purposeful, even though some incidents are recorded without details. For the events that are recorded, the Scriptures reveal specifics that are both intriguing and inspiring. When each Gospel narrative is read carefully, and all the details are put together, the big picture becomes quite clear.
The Story of Reformation Day and Martin Luther The history of the day commemorating Martin Luther's posting of the ninety-five theses, thereby beginning the Protestant movement.
The Story of the Annunciation Confronted with the announcement of her pregnancy, Mary might have posed many questions, but the poignant cry of this young woman rings as true today as did then. <i>&ldguoHow can this be?&rdquo<i>
The Women at the Tomb on Resurrection Day In most versions of the gospels, women were the first know and see that Jesus had risen from the dead. In Luke, several women went to the tomb to prepare Jesus' body with spices, only to find it empty.
Week of Prayer - Unity in the Body of Christ The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is an extension of God's desire for Christians to work diligently together, paying close attention to maintaining spiritual unity, bound together without strife. Paul writes about the one Body of Christ, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and the one God and Father. Clearly, God&acirc;&#&#&#?;;;&#&#&#?;;;s Word is emphasizing unity.
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Each January, Christians observe Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The teachings for this event come from the International Joint Committee of the World Council of Churches and the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity.
What are the Stations of the Cross? The goal in offering traditional devotions through the Stations of the Cross is to help Christians make a personal spiritual pilgrimage through prayer and meditation. During this time, Christians are asked to carefully consider the main scenes of Christ's sacrifice on the cross of Calvary.
What Christian Christmas Eve Traditions Are There? A discussion of Christmas Eve's observances and customs around the world.
What is Advent? The traditions and history of the Advent Season, the beginning of the Christian year.
What is All Hallows Eve Traditions? A historical discussion of All Hallows Eve and Halloween, including traditions and observances.
What is All Saints Day Traditions Information on All Saints Day / Day of the Dead / Dia de Los Muertos traditions, observances, and history, based upon a vigil originating with the Antioch Church for all saints.
What is Ascension Day? An explanation of the history of Ascension Day with Biblical reference and emphasis on its status as an Ecumenical feast in the Roman Catholic and Anglican traditions.
What Is Ash Wednesday? The origins of Ash Wednesday as discussed through biblical history, ritual, and tradition
What is Candlemass? Candlemass (or Candelaria), on February 2, celebrates the Lord as the Light of the World.
What is Christian Intercession? - Week of Prayer to Intercede Daniel is a good example of how to approach God during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Daniel approached God with humility and worshipfulness. He wasn't praying for his personal needs, but was confessing the sins of his people and interceding and supplicating for restoration and unity for all of God's people. God can hear and answer prayers just as powerfully today as He did for His people in the Bible times.
What is Christian Ordinary TIme? Information on the Ordinary Time periods of the Christian liturgical year.
What is Corpus Christi? The history and traditions of the Feast of Corpus Christi, also known as the Feast of the Body of Christ.
What is Easter and the Resurrection? Easter and the Resurrection as they relate to the Christian holiday, discussed through historical perspective and traditions.
What is Easter Sunday - Resurrection of Jesus Christ The Resurrection of Jesus Christ goes beyond a paranormal event in history. It divided those who opposed its miracle from those who desired and desperately needed the restoration, salvation and redemption it promised.
What is Epiphany A definition of epiphany and the its meaning to Christians who observe the rituals and traditions associated with the celebration.
What is Epiphany - the Star of Bethlehem Epiphany is celebrated as the day that this star had finally led the Magi from the East to the child Jesus. But the greatest significance of the Star of Bethlehem was not its brightness, but its part in the heavenly announcement of everything that Jesus was.
What is Good Friday? Good Friday's significance and origins as understood through its history, rituals, and traditions.
What is Holy Week? The customs and traditions of Christian Holy Week in Preparation for the Easter Sunday Resurrection.
What is Lent? A discussion of the history and traditions of the Season of Lent in the Christian Faith.
What is Maundy Thursday? The origins and traditions of Maundy Thursday in relation to the Christian calendar.
What is Palm Sunday Palm Sunday's history and meaning in relation to the Christian belief in Jesus and his ascension.
What is Pentecost? A discussion of the meaning of Pentecost through its story and status as the birth of the church
What is Prayer? - The Power of Prayer The Almighty God, Who has foreknowledge and already knows every scenario, every thought, and every need, requires His people to pray to Him. He is poised to perform mighty and miraculous things. Unified Christian prayer is powerful far beyond human comprehension. The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity provides opportunities for miracles within the Body of Christ.
What is Shrove Tuesday? A discussion of the history and observances of Shrove Tuesday.
What is the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary In regard to the annunciation and birth of the Messiah, the point is usually taken to be the majesty of a God who is able both to control events before they happen, and to create life in any way He chooses. Jesus is then seen as God&Atilde;&fnof;&Acirc;&cent;&Atilde;&sbquo;&Acirc;&euro;&Atilde;&sbquo;&Acirc;&trade;s decision to bless us in a practical manner, taking notice of human needs. This, of course, is part of what Mary affirms in Luke 1:47. A more careful look at Isaiah, however, will reveal a surprising and disturbing depth to the opening chapter of Matthew.
What is the Ascension and The Great Commission? The Great Commission. They are the words of Jesus spoken just prior to his ascension following the 40 days he lived on earth as the resurrected Christ. It is called The Great Commission because it is a command that disciples go into the world and spread the Gospel. In fact, Matthew 18:16-20 is often used when teaching or preaching on the subject of service, missions and evangelism.
What Is the Baptism of the Lord - Christian Holiday This occasion memorializes the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. All the gospel writers agree that God spoke to confirm His Son, Jesus the Christ, and this began Jesus&rsquo; public ministry.
What is the Christian New Year -- Historical and Spiritual Aspects For political and military reasons, January 1, 153 B.C. became the beginning of the new year. The Roman calendar was widely used throughout western Europe, until revised by Aloysius Lilius, an Italian doctor, astronomer, philosopher and chronologist. Pope Gregory XIII commanded Christians to use this new and improved calendar in 1582, and named it after himself. It is still the most widely used calendar in the world.
What is the Christian Week of Prayer? God is all knowing, all powerful, and everywhere-present. God is in business 24 hoursa day, seven days a week, always attending to His people, all around the world. If ever there was a need for daily prayer to the Almighty God, now is the time.

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