Christian Church Valentines Day Marriage Seminar

Christian Valentines Marriage Seminars Can Remind Couples of their Love and Commitment

Valentine’s Day is a time when couples express their love for each other. It also can be a time when married couples within the church come together to celebrate their place in the framework of the body of Christ. Godly marriages are an inspiration to those who either desire to be married or are just beginning their marriage journey. And it is the Godly marriages of the church that will be able to teach both natural and spiritual children about the importance of an “until death do us part,” covenant relationship.

One way to celebrate Godly marriage is to hold a Valentine’s fundraising banquet. (See “Valentine’s Banquet”). Another way to honor the love of married couples within the church is to hold a marriage seminar. While this may sound like an over-used cliché, the heart of a marriage seminar can take on a fresh meaning for those who desire to present such an event with a spiritual purpose.

Malachi 2:15 says, “Didn’t the LORD make you one with your wife? In body and spirit you are his. And what does he want? Godly children from your union. So guard your heart; remain loyal to the wife of your youth.” (NLT)

The starting point for a successful Christian life should be the home. Couples with children should recognize the impact their relationship has on their children. Those who do not yet have children should learn now how their marriage will either make or break the spiritual life of the children who are yet to come. God honors the marriages that take seriously their responsibility to bring forth Godly children, both natural and spiritual. In order to achieve this seemingly big task, it should begin with the foundation: building a strong marriage.

A marriage seminar is an incredible opportunity for couples to learn what God’s Word says about marriage. They can learn the differences between the way men think and women think. They can learn what it means to be in a covenant relationship. And of course, they can also learn new ways to kindle their love for each other.

In an age when so-called domestic partnerships and divorce are at an all-time high, the church can take this opportunity to step in and begin the process of building Godly marriages within the church. Strong marriages within the church mean the beginning of strong marriages within neighborhoods, communities, and cities. Godly husbands and wives who take their roles and mission seriously can begin to teach what they have learned to others who can then teach it to others, and so it goes.

This kind of event may take some time to plan the session topics, but it is well worth it. The following are some suggestions of topics that are important to today’s Christian couples:

  • What is a Godly marriage supposed to look like?
  • How do they communicate with their spouse?
  • Why is it so critical for husbands and wives to be like-minded?
  • What is true submission?
  • How should they pray for their spouse?
  • What do they do when things get rocky?

  • There are many more topics that could be discussed during a marriage seminar, and they should be determined by the pastor. But if applied, the above root topics can correctly align a husband and wife under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Marriages that have a clear sense of purpose are marriages that have a great chance of long-term success. Keep in mind that a seminar may not be an answer-all for a marriage in crisis. But it certainly can help reduce the number of marriages that get to that point.

    One last additional key to a successful marriage seminar: make it fun! Add humor and personal testimonies to the teachings. Keep things light and upbeat so that all couples who attend can feel comfortable talking about the heavier topics. Remember, the time is Valentine’s Day, so make it fun and memorable by playing favorite love songs during the breaks and having available different Valentine refreshments throughout the event.

    Written by: Amy Miller