Unique Church Fundraising Ideas

How To Raise Funds for Your Church Event

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Tired of the same old bake sales and candy fundraising? Not to worry - there are lots of unique ways to fundraise for your church or religious organization. Below, we'll outline some of the most creative, entertaining ways to engage your congregation with unique fundraising ideas.

Adult Spelling Bee Fundraisers
Adult spelling bees can raise a lot of money for your church, and are quite often hysterical to watch. In contrast to normal childhood spelling bees, where all of the children compete individually, adult spelling bees are often set up tournament-style, with teams of three to four adults working together to spell words. Teams typically pay a significant entry fee to participate, though the bee can also be run as a "thon" of sorts, in which teams collect pledges for words spelled correctly.

To learn more about this unique fundraising idea, please see Adult Spelling Bee Fundraisers.

Polar Bear Plunge Fundraisers
If you've got brave souls in your congregation and community, think about hosting a polar bear plunge fundraiser! These events focus around something that may seem a bit crazy - people jumping into ponds, lakes, pools, and rivers in the dead of winter. Events of this kind can be easily paired with a simple bake sale, where you serve hot soup or hot chocolate. Those who participate in the plunge itself either pay a flat entry fee or gather pledges for minutes they spend in the water.

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Free Car Wash Fundraiser
This variation on a classic church fundraiser can be a fantastic way to attract all the traffic you can handle on the day of your event. Rather than charging a per-car fee for a wash, have your volunteers and congregation gather pledges for each car cleaned! With lots of able volunteers, you can easily collect pledges in the hundreds of dollars for each car washed, and with a "FREE" shingle hung out for your event, you'll wash plenty of cars to turn an excellent profit for the day.

For more information on this and other forms of unique carwash fundraisers, please see Carwash Fundraising.

Rubber Duck Races
If you're lucky enough to have access to a nice local river or creek, think about organizing a rubber duck race! Entrants paint or decorate their own rubber ducks and set them off down the stream, while your congregation and community cheer on their favorites. Funds are collected through entry fees. This is another great event to pair with selling baked goods or beverages. Be sure to schedule a rain date in case the intended day is a washout - good weather is a must!

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Lawn Gnomes and Pink Flamingos
If you've got a lot of mischievous youth in your congregation (not too mischievous, of course), this unique fundraising idea can be a great way to let them get creative and have some fun. The basic idea is that people pay to have the lawns of their friends and relatives outrageously decorated with gnomes, flamingos, and other gaudy lawn ornaments.

The work must be done quietly and secretly, so that when the intended "targets" wake up in the morning they are shocked by the handiwork of your youth. Of course, that afternoon, your youngsters return to clean up the lawn, in preparation for moving on to their next "victim"!

Hopefully, these unique fundraising ideas will help keep your fundraising efforts interesting, entertaining, and profitable. For other great fundraising ideas, please see Church Fundraising Events.

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Written by: Bob Robertson