Pizza Fundraising

Pizza Fundraiser Discount Cards and Kits Make It Easy for Churches to Raise Funds

One of the simplest and easiest forms of fundraising involves everybody's favorite delivery item, pizza! Pizza fundraisers have become popular for their easy planning, need for few volunteers, high profit margins, and diverse options for selling, including by the slice, by way of do-it-yourself pizza kits, by special event, and with affordable discount cards.

Pizza Fundraising by the Slice
If you've got an outdoor event coming up (especially one in the late afternoon), pizza fundraising by the slice can be a fantastic way to make a quick profit for your church or youth group. It couldn't be easier - you buy your pizza from a local chain at a quantity discount, pick it up yourself, and bring it to the event to sell (you can also have the pizza delivered, if you don't have time to pick it up).

Plain cheese and pepperoni are always the most popular toppings, and you'll easily be able to sell each slice at 100% markup from your cost. This price will help to cover the cost of any damaged or uneaten pizza which may be left over.

***NOTE: When ordering your pizza, it's best to under-buy. You can always order more, and under-buying prevents you from being stuck with a lot of uneaten pizza at the end of the day!

DIY Pizza Kit Fundraising
Another way to use pizza for fundraising involves do-it-yourself supply kits which you sell to friends, family, and community members. The kits are made up of all the frozen ingredients your customers will need to make a quality pie, including dough, sauce, and toppings. This form of pizza fundraising generally requires you to work with an outside company, who will supply you with order-taker brochures to distribute to your volunteers.

After your volunteers collect sales, you compile them and communicate with your chosen company, who then sends the agreed upon number of kits. Be sure to carefully plan for delivery or storage within four to six hours of the bulk delivery, as the kits must stay cold to stay good. With a fundraiser of this kind, you'll generally see 30% - 40% profit, which (if you've got lots of high-selling volunteers) can be a great boost to your religious organization.

Special Event Pizza Fundraising
This is another kind of pizza fundraiser that doesn't require much work, and is great for churches and groups who have lots of good relationships and "pull" with their local community. By partnering with a local restaurant, you set up a monthly "Pizza Charity Night" for which a profit percentage of every pizza sold will go directly to your charity. Exactly what percentage is for you and your partner to negotiate.

After you've agreed upon a percentage and a date, you help to spread word of the special night throughout your community. This is a classic "win-win" for both parties, as it will increase the local restaurant's business, improve their image in the eyes of the community, and help you to support a chosen cause or aspect of your ministry.

Discount Card Pizza Fundraising
Finally, pizza fundraising can also be done through the sale of discount cards, which allow those who purchase them a special discount on pizza from a particular restaurant or national chain for a specified period of time and/or number of uses of the card. This is an easy and fairly profitable form of fundraising with which many groups have had great success. The most common discount is a "two for one" offer, though you may also find cards for "buy a large, get a medium free", or "buy one large pizza, get a two-liter soda free", etc. In general, these cards are a great value for consumers.

The most common national backers are Domino's Pizza and Pizza Hut, but their cards are available through many different suppliers, and it pays to shop around to find the best profit percentage for your church. Many suppliers will "front" the cards to your organization, allowing thirty days for your volunteers to sell as many as possible, and, at the end, buying back 50% percent of the unsold merchandise.

Pizza fundraising can be a great way to add to your church or religious organization's fundraising efforts. Whether it's by the slice, through DIY kits, special pizza nights, or discount cards, pizza fundraising can be a quick, easy, and profitable way of raising moneys for your chosen cause.

Written by: Bob Robertson