Pink Flamingo Fundraisers

Unique Flocking Fundraiser Ideas

If you've got a good number of mischievous youth in your congregation or religious group, why not let them exercise their creativity? Pink flamingo fundraising is a great way to allow your youngsters to have some fun while raising funds for your organization.

How Do Pink Flamingo Fundraisers Work?
Pink flamingo fundraisers (also known as "flocking" or "lawn greeting" fundraisers) are really just a great practical joke that people pay you to pay on their friends! Under the cover of night, the lawn of the intended "target" is covered with pink flamingos, garden gnomes, and other tacky and outrageous lawn decorations. That person must then pay you to remove the ornaments from their lawn and place them on someone else's lawn the next night!

Typically, youth are the best choices for pink flamingo fundraiser implementers, as they're creative and greatly enjoy practical jokes. Of course, you'll want to make sure your kids are supervised by at least two adults, perhaps by their youth minister and another responsible volunteer. At least one truck or van is helpful for transporting both youngsters and lawn ornaments.

Pink Flamingo Fundraiser Pricing
Pricing for a fundraiser of this kind is at your discretion, depending upon your fundraising goals and what your "victims" think it's worth to play the prank on one of their friends. You may decide to treat each case individually, asking your marks what just what the cleanup and subsequent mess for their friends is worth to them - additionally explaining, of course, the nature and worthiness of your chosen cause.

Fun "Flocking" Fundraiser Variations
In addition to pink flamingos and lawn gnomes, there are plenty of other great ways to have some harmless fun with friends and neighbors. Other kinds of lawn decorations include:
  • Lawn Jockeys
  • Porch Gooses
  • Concrete Frogs
  • Man and Woman-Sized Silhouettes
  • "Forking": buy boxes of plastic forks and stick them points-down all over your target's lawn, creating a "forked" yard.

Consider asking your group or congregation to temporarily donate their lawn ornaments for a few weeks every summer to keep your fundraiser costs nice and low. With lots of variety, some incredibly creative and funny scenes may begin to pop up around your community!

Written by: Bob Robertson