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Faith-Based Community Organization Grants

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In recent years, the United States government has begun the awarding of grants to faith-based and community organizations (FCBOs). Churches and other religious organizations are now encouraged to compete for moneys available from governments at the local, state, and federal levels. With a focus on increasing accessibility of effective social services to those who need it most, the initiative hopes to ensure a more open and competitive Federal grant-making process.

FCBOs are generally interfaith, broad-based, locally constituted, multi-issue, and nonpartisan in their politics. If your group meets the majority of these characteristics, government funding may be a good bet for increasing the positive influence you can have in your community. The following is a collection of links to the most relevant information available concerning these grants and the policies surrounding them.

White House Sites
Government Catalog of Grants for Faith-based Initiatives

Guidance to Faith-Based and Community Organizations on Partnering with the Federal Government

Why Religious Hiring Must Be Preserved (PDF FILE)

Federal Funds for Organizations that Help Those In Need (PDF FILE)

Developing Quality Grant Proposals

Beyond the Government
Beyond the federal government, there are also a number of grants available from private institutions.

Faith-based Community Organizing: the State of the Field - Warren & Wood

A Comprehensive List of Private Grants

Written by: Bob Robertson