Candle Fundraising Tips

Church Fundraising with a Candle Sale

candles on blue background
Nearly everyone has a candle or two in the house, and they can always use another. This simple fact has made candle fundraising a popular choice for churches and religious groups across the nation and around the world. Below, we'll learn more about this easy, profitable form of product fundraising.

How Candle Fundraising Works
If you've chosen to fundraise with candles, that likely means you'll be working with a fundraising company. The company provides you with fundraising brochures and signup forms, which volunteers then take out into the community to secure orders for candles -- sales drives normally last for a few weeks. After receiving your orders, the company will send the agreed upon candles.

Some companies prefer that you collect moneys when taking orders, and send the appropriate funds in order to receive your candles. Others allow you to complete the entire process before settling the bill. Either way is ok, and in both cases profits generally fall within the 40% - 60% range.

How to Choose the Candle Fundraiser That's Right for You
In addition to making sure you're working with a reputable company, there are a few particulars to keep in mind when looking for the right candles for your religious group to sell. For starters, think about the following:
  • How many candle options are offered? Too few, and your sales may suffer for lack of variety. Likewise, too many options can be overwhelming to your customers, who will be making a rather quick decision to buy. Look for a company that offers a brochure with four to eight choices.
  • What price ranges are offered? Try to find a company that offers a full range of prices, from inexpensive to pricey. This will help ensure that everyone you meet can find an affordable candle to purchase.
  • Does the company offer sample brochures and candles? A good company has faith in its product, and will be happy to supply you with brochures and samples at little or no cost. Take careful note of the brochures -- are they in color? Are the prices easy to find and read? How attractive is the general layout?
  • In terms of candles offered, what do they look like? Smell like? Do they come in glass jars or decorative tins that might be re-used by your customers in the future? Requesting materials from a few different companies will give you firsthand experience of their products and the best chance at selecting the right candles for a successful campaign.

Why a Candle Fundraiser?
Selling candles is a solidly-established form of fundraising, with many companies who are willing and eager to help you meet your drive goals. These companies exist precisely because selling candles is such an easy, profitable fundraising method. Many people consider candles appropriate gifts for holidays, housewarmings, thank you's, and birthdays. In the United States, surveys suggest that seven of ten households purchase and use candles, prizing them for their soft scents and comforting glow.

Why Not a Candle Fundraiser?
The primary drawbacks to candle fundraising are in handling the merchandise once it's been delivered. Candles often come in glass jars or bottles, and so are fairly fragile and must be handled with care. As wax products, they are also heat-sensitive, so special care should be taken to store them in a cool place until delivery.

Additionally, as compared to some other product fundraisers, the percentage of profits you can expect from selling candles may be lower, meaning you'll have to sell more merchandise to meet your fundraising goals.

Written by: Bob Robertson