Bumper Sticker Fundraising

Find the Perfect Slogan for Your Christian Bumper Sticker

Ever been stuck in traffic, bored, and waiting for the light to change? You're alone, there's nothing on the radio...it seems like you'll be stuck here forever. Then, you start to notice colorful slogans and sayings on the back fenders of the cars around you...bumper stickers save the day again! Bumper stickers can be a great way to get creative, provoke thought, and raise funds for your church or religious organization.

What Are Bumper Stickers?
Bumper stickers have been around almost as long as cars. They are small stickers which people attach to the back fender, bumper, or (in some cases) windshield of their vehicle. Most commonly sized at 3 inches by 12 inches, they are often made of weather resistant vinyl. Some also take the form as transparent polyester decals, which stick to the insides of windows with static or pressure.

While bumper stickers are notoriously difficult to remove, there are options which make the process easier. Some bumper stickers are magnetic, decals are simply peel-and-stick, and even old-fashioned glue-adhering bumper stickers are easily removable with a penetrating oil such as WD-40.

How a Bumper Sticker Fundraiser Works
In bumper sticker fundraising, churches generally contract with a company that helps them create a design and prints the stickers for them, generally at a cost of $.20 to $.50 per sticker. These bumper stickers are then sold by the church through volunteer efforts at a cost of $1.00 to $2.00 apiece. Some churches also choose to order blank bumper stickers and work with local print shops to create their fundraising items.

What Makes for a Great Bumper Sticker?
The best bumper stickers are short, sweet, and to the point. They are the type of message that is meant to be taken in at a glance -- the sort of thing that people will be able to read and absorb in less than five seconds, often while driving. Most times, the message that a good bumper sticker conveys is thought-provoking, clever, funny, informative, or some combination of each of these qualities.

When deciding what you'd like to print on your bumper sticker, consider the following:
  • If you had five seconds to explain your church's mission, how would you do it?
  • If you had five seconds to change someone's mind about a particular issue, how would you do it?
  • If you had five seconds to explain Christianity, how would you do it?
  • How can you use both text and images to best convey your message?

These slogans and sayings may also be of some help in your search for the perfect bumper sticker idea:
  • God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.
  • You can tell how big a person is by what it takes to discourage him.
  • 1 Cross + 3 Nails = 4 Given
  • Forbidden fruits create many jams.
  • In case of Rapture, this vehicle will be empty...
  • Be ye fishers of men - you catch them, He'll clean them!

Bumper Sticker Design
If you choose to work with a bumper sticker company's in-house design team, you may be able to simply give them a phrase to work with, and they'll take care of the artwork, font, placement, and overall design of your project. Keep in mind that many bumper sticker companies will provide a design free of charge if the church supplies them with digital artwork, such as that found on internet clipart sites.

Some churches, however, choose to create their own designs with their own artwork, or with artwork they have previously purchased. In such cases, consider the basics of graphic designing -- make sure your text is easy to read from a distance, that the space of the sticker is balanced, and that the composition isn't too busy, as this will make it more difficult for people to read on the go.

With proper design, an excellent message, and lots of willing volunteers, your bumper sticker fundraiser may easily see a profit of %200 - %500 of your initial costs, making it one of the easiest and more lucrative forms of fundraising available to churches and religious organizations.

Written by: Bob Robertson