How To Maintain Professional Church Marketing Material

How to Implement Excellence in Christian Messages and Marketing Materials

Excellence is the key for anything churches present in print or online, including bulletins, events calendars, programs, web sites or overhead backgrounds. Errors or sloppiness communicates either a lack of skill or a lack of care. Both of these should be avoided. Something that is rushed or thrown together may be able to slide by according to the world’s standards, but it still will not be the best possible product and will not communicate excellence in the church’s Christian message.

Misspelled words or incorrect grammatical usage can be a distraction from the message, even an embarrassment. Small or blurry images or fonts that are difficult to read can be annoying. The church should exhibit excellence and stand out because they uphold the standards that God has established for believers. Language and words are what God gave to His people to communicate both His heart and His will to the lost and broken generations. For this reason, the church should desire to use accurate and meaningful words and images.

There is tremendous power in the printed word. And when that printed word is joined with a memorable image, it becomes even more powerful. Many people are visually stimulated. If they see an image that is associated with a word or words, that image and those words will be impressed in their minds permanently. The message included with the images selected should inspire and edify an individual. It should communicate life and hope. The Scriptures chosen should leave the believer with something to ponder, something to take home with them.

Be creative in coming up with ways to communicate information to the church members and the community. But don’t make the creativity so important that the practical aspects of the Christian message are overlooked. Things like spelling, grammar, avoiding visual clutter or sloppiness, image balance and clarity, and an overall professional presentation all need to have equal attention.

PowerPoint presentations are an excellent addition to sermons or other Christian materials because they do just that: combine eye-catching images with powerful words for an effective and memorable message. An image needs to have a meaning and significance that goes hand in hand with the message that is being communicated. For example, if the sermon is on the topic of surrender, an image of an individual kneeling with head bowed and hands raised communicates surrender like no other.

Word art is a great way to add fun and flare to things like church bulletins, announcement slides and events calendars, especially if the images coincide with the activities. Again, it is a way to help specific things stick in the minds of those who read the information and see the images. In addition, it represents a desire for excellence in even the small and simple things.

Whatever the denomination, whatever the form of media used, whatever the size of the congregation, there is always room for excellence in the Christian message. Yet even though excellence may not happen overnight, it is a goal worth pursuing in every area of church ministry.