Church Directories

A Guide to Keeping Your Congregation Organized

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Most churches will create local directories of members. This may just be for internal use, or it may be available to members of your community. This will allow visitors and people who have just moved to your community to find you and each other easily.

Consider peopleĀ?s privacy when you list their home phone numbers or cell phone numbers; make sure itĀ?s okay for strangers to contact them with requests.

In addition, each denomination typically provides additional information for members of its clergy. Contact your parent organization for more details.

Church Directory Tips
Keeping your directory up to date: The biggest challenge with any directory is keeping its contents up to date. People change phone numbers, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses, and even names. As a result, all directories should include a "last revised" date. For internal purposes, this is good information to keep on a person by person basis. You may also want to do low cost printing rather than a fancier paper and binding, so that people are encouraged to always have the latest version.

Electronic publishing: You might consider putting some directory information online or distributing it as an Adobe Acrobat file rather than incurring the cost of printing. Today it's quite easy to take a database file or a Word document and create a PDF which can be read comfortable. Adobe provides their Reader software free from their website.

Creating mailing lists: Today, many mailing lists can be e-mail-based, but occasionally you will want to be able to generate a printed list of everyone's home addresses. One advantage to using a database to create a directory is that you can easily generate mailing lists. For example, John is on the holiday committee and also the harvest festival, but Jim is on the holiday committee and the new members welcoming committee. A database allows you to make specific mailing lists for the holiday committee, the harvest festival, and the welcoming committee easily and quickly.

Nationwide directories
Nationally and worldwide, nearly every denomination will have directories of affiliated churches.

Here are websites for several major denominations in the United States. If you know of others, please e-mail us at service@faithclipart.com.

WorkshipQuest lists Baptist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian churchs, as well as other Christian churches.

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Written by: Diana Wynne