What is the Biblical Value of Virtue?

Virtue Sets a Christian Woman Apart from Women of the World

Dove with Proverbs Verse about Moms
Many Christians are familiar with the term “Virtuous woman.” The Scripture in Proverbs 31 almost always immediately comes to mind. But what may not be as obvious is the meaning of virtuous, and the reason why virtue should be considered a valuable characteristic to have.

True virtue represents a moral excellence that is judged against the standard of the Word of God alone. Someone may be thought of as a good person by the world's standards because they do good things. But that person may not measure up to the standards of the Word. This is true for many individuals.

Doing good things does not grant entrance into the kingdom of God. It also is not the same as choosing good over evil. To do a good deed is only taking action on a benevolent impulse when no real heart decision is required. Unfortunately, many of those who live a life merely doing good things have standards that are based solely on whatever happens to feel like the right thing to do.

Believers are called to live by a different standard, a higher way of life. They are called to filter every difficult decision through the Word of God, and choose to do the right thing based on those standards. These standards are what allow believers to stand in the face of opposition and to be set apart from the world.

The Apostle Peter spoke of virtue in 2 Peter 1:5-11. He referred to it as being one of the stones in the foundation of the believer's faith. To believe in God or in His Son, Jesus Christ, alone does not constitute a victorious Christian life. Even the demons believe, but they are not saved. According to Peter's instructions, believers were to add virtue to their faith. In other words, they should seek to manifest the characteristics of Jesus Christ because of their faith in Him.

By practicing these virtues, believers increase their knowledge of the things of God. An increase in knowledge brings the ability to maintain personal and moral boundaries. This kind of self-control produces the ability to withstand adverse circumstances, out of which emerges a Godly lifestyle. Godliness brings about kindness toward other brothers and sisters of the faith, which develops into real, genuine love. And all of this is based on virtue.

Virtue is more than just doing the right thing when it is convenient. It means having the fortitude to make right decisions in every area of life, regardless of opposition from outside influences. For the Christian woman, those decisions are based on her knowledge of the Word and her desire to live a life pleasing to God.

Written by: Amy Miller