Spiritual Warfare: Find Peace In God's Pressence

What is violent to darkness may be executed in th peace of God's light for His intercessors

No, it is not just the title of a classic novel. Yes, it is possible to walk in peace while being engaged in spiritual warfare often expressed in prayer or worship. Peace is not the absence of conflict. One can choose to enter into the Sabbath rest made available in receiving the Good Newsof the gospel of Jesus Christ--the Prince of Peace. Yes the burden of intercession is real. But, the Lord says His burden is light and easy--if one is yoked together, pulling in His direction--not one's own direction. To enter into this Sabbath rest, one must cease from one's labor even as God rested after six days of creating the universe (Hebrews 4:4)

Ours is not to wonder why... It is a wonder that God has chosen to limit His activity on earth until He hears His very heart calling back to Him from His saints on earth. He actually has called us to partner with him in the exercise of His kingdom will in the earth. He taught His disciples to pray for His will to be done on earth as it already is being done in heaven. When we pray that prayer, we are asking for heaven to invade earth. Violence will follow in the spiritual realm and often in the earthly realm as well. Jesus said the kingdom of God has been coming in violence and the violent take it by force (Matthew 11:12) But that acquisition comes not by cutting off the soldier's ear as Peter did at Gethsemane. No, it comes on one's knees in prayer and in one's song in worship and in confession when believers decree the will of God into their circumstances. What is violent to the darkness can be simultaneously restful to children of the light.

The partnership Jesus invites us into, must not result in anxiety and an inability to sleep. Often the anxiety is a carnal restlessness. The Lord promises to give sleep to His beloved (Psalms 127:2) That restlessness comes from changing the burden of asking, believing and declaring, into an impossible burden of somehow making it happen by our method or diligence. Think about the demeanor of the Prince of Peace who receives the prayers of His saints. The Hebrew writer declares that He sat down at the right hand of the Father after securing our salvation and initiating His kingdom (Hebrews 1:3). He is not presently walking back and forth wringing His hands wondering what is going to happen next. As Steve Fry says in His book I Am, “He wars from a seated position.” His will is executed from a position of rest and confidence. You see, He has this problem, He thinks He is God!

It is one of the mysteries of His sovereignty that His purposes will be accomplished... through His believers. Believers must recapture fresh revelation of the “God of peace who will soon crush Satan underneath your feet”(Romans 16: 20). Exodous 15:3 says He is ldquo;a man of war” but He is also God of Peace whose Son is the very Prince of Peace. As the forces of darkness experience His recompense, His own children of light live in the radiance, warmth and illumination of “the Light” and hence, His peace and His rest.

Written by: Larry Kennedy