The Beginning of the Lords Prayer

The First Several Portions of the Lords Prayer Recognizes God as the Father Whose Name is Holy

“Our Father in heaven….”

Jesus was the first person in the history of God’s people to refer to God as Father. It was known that God created the heavens and the earth. The people understood that God was the great Yahweh who was to be held from a distance in awe and reverence. Prior to the ministry of Jesus, the high priest approached the presence of God, and even then only once a year.

Still, the children of Israel never referred to God as Father. Yet when Jesus spoke to God as His Father, He was acknowledging was.

God is the Creator. He is the First and the Last. And He is the One who dwells in the heavens, who longs to have an intimate relationship with His people. Jesus’ disciples witnessed the relationship between God and the Son of God. They desired to approach God just as Jesus did, and Jesus took the time to teach them how.

“…Hallowed be Your name.”

God delights in the praises of His people. And He listens when they speak of His greatness. Jesus knew how to enter into the presence of God, and He taught His disciples to do the same. The word “hallowed” simply means “holy and sacred.” So to say “hallowed be our name” is to say “may your name always be considered holy and sacred.”

This should be done not only by God’s people collectively, but by each individual. The name of God is not simply His title. His name represents His character, His being, His nature, His attributes, His reputation, and more.

When Moses asked the name of God, this is what God meant when He answered, “I AM.” The name of God is not something to be taken lightly or taken for granted. It is to be treasured and spoken with reverence. When addressing God in prayer, acknowledge not only who He is but also how great He is. This is an act of humility that grabs God’s attention. It is what allows believers to access the incredible presence of God.

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

This portion of The Lord's Prayer is a response of humility. It is recognizing the sovereignty of God. And part of what God desires includes a relationship with a people who are fully submitted to Him. There are many characteristics of heaven that are available to experience now. The authority of God can be respected and followed. Peace can dwell in the hearts of mankind. Lives can be changed. Bodies can be healed. Blind eyes can be opened. Lame feet can walk. Broken relationships can be mended. And the enemy can be overcome in the everyday lives of God’s people.

Requesting the establishment of God’s rule is an important part of living a Christian life of daily victory. It opens the door to God’s perfect authority and makes way for Him to take His rightful throne. Christians do not have to wait for the consummation of the kingdom for God’s will to be fulfilled. This is part of what gives Christians hope.

Written by: Amy Miller