Kuyper College

Michigan's Kuyper College

3333 East Beltline NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Tel: (616) 222-3000
Web site: http://www.kuyper.edu/

At Kuyper College, students find one of the most outstanding values in Christian higher education today. The best of academic and spiritual education is combined with a passion for awakening students to the need of possessing a solid biblical world view.

At Kuyper College all students who earn bachelor degrees in their chosen fields also earn a major in Bible and theology. In addition to baccalaureate degrees, students can earn associate degrees and certificates in several areas.

Kuyper's site is a beautiful example of a well-organized web site. The links take visitors right where they want to go and the information is clear and easy to understand.

Written by: Jillian Mohr