Concordia University Irvine - Bible College

California's Concordia University Irvine

1530 Concordia West
Irvine, CA 92612
Web site: http://www.cui.edu/index.aspx

Concordia Irvine is dedicated to shaping a coherent and comprehensive view of the world, of humanity and of the God who has created and redeemed both. It is faithfulness to this mission and this heritage which makes Concordia graduates like those of Luther's Wittenberg -- wise, honorable, and cultivated citizens and prepared for and devoted to serving God's world and proclaiming God's word.

Concordia offers Undergraduate and Graduate programs. As well as courses in the Arts, the bible college also has an Athletics department.

Concordia West's web site is very user freindly. Links are readily avalible to get potential students and their parents where they need to go. On the side of the site, a site

Written by: Jillian Mohr