Coastland University -- Bible College

California's Coastland University

P.O. Box 3371
Dana Point, CA. 92629
Phone: (94) 348-0173
Web Site: www.ccbcu.edu

Coastland University is a Private, non-denominational Christian Bible College and University located in Southern California. The organization holds to the authority of scripture and the literal application of God's Word, eliminating compromise or secular philosophy and humanism.

At Coastland University in Southern California, students can earn degrees in Biblical and Ministry related fields. The college prides itself on the combination of academic, theological and Godly experiences. In addition to academics, the college provides discipleship, instruction, enrichment and identification of ministerial gifts.

The Coastland University web site is user friendly and inclusive. It easy to navigate, with tabs on the sides and top to direct students to the appropriate category. The site's search tool helps potential students and their parents to quickly find the information they need.

Written by: Jillian Mohr