Heritage Christian University -- Bible College

Alabama's Heritage Christian University

P.O. Box HCU
Florence, AL 35630
Tel: (800)367-3565
Fax: (256) 760-0981
Web site: www.hcu.edu

Heritage Christian University provides a practical and comprehensive higher learning program. With a focus on academics, ministry, service and every student's character, this college program is both versatile and rigorous.

In addition to Bible study, Heritage Christian University offers general instruction in the Humanities, including English, literature, speech, history, psychology and philosophy. Graduates earn Biblical Theology degrees.

Heritage's comprehensive web site provides a full range of information, from a calendar of events to an online course catalog. The site also offers links to additional campus resources such as the Heritage Marriage and Family Resource Center. The Center is located in Overton Memorial Library and houses materials that promote healthy marriages and family relationships.

Written by: Jillian Mohr