The World of Apologetics

Defending the Christian Faith Blending Science and Faith

Created with Earth and Sky
As Christians, we hear the battle cry "an apologetic warrior" blasting through our speakers when we listen to our Supertones CDs. Ravi Zacharias is expanding our minds as we download his newest podcast. We've got the latest in LCD TV technology and the cable bill to back it up. This is the information age, where science fiction becomes science reality.

We find ourselves sifting through a myriad of data brought to us by a full 16 megs of high speed Internet; Christian books, Christian web sites and Christian forums all stand among the many "Christian" things that are so readily available within a few simple keystrokes. With all this information at our fingertips, the ability to recognize and convey the reality of God the Creator has become simpler and faster.

The world of Apologetics is a sphere in which science is used to reveal the complexities of God and His creation: a world where God's unselfish love is manifest in the very essence of nature and personified through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

For many years, Christianity has been under scrutiny from the academic and scientific community. Competing with Darwinianism and the "Age of Enlightenment," many Christian forefathers had to endure and accept the fact that science and faith simply didn't mix. Today, many scientists, biologists, chemists, teachers, preachers, students and others are singing to a different tune; Science and faith are inseparable and God is the Creator. The word Apologetics is a derivative of the Greek word apologia. This term simply means "defense." In the proper Greek context, the word apologia was used in reference to the legal system. The prosecution would accuse as well as present evidence against the accused. The defendant would give his apologia (defense).

In the modern context, apologia takes on a similar but different meaning. It is the defense of one's beliefs. This is also where the word apology comes from, although an apology is given from someone seeking forgiveness for a wrongdoing. As we dive headfirst into Christian Apologetics we find the definition of the word takes on a whole new characteristic.

As a wise man once said, "Apologetics is the Kung-fu of theology". It not only challenges us to expand our own understanding, it also challenges those around us to expand theirs. It opens the doors to the academic community where it used to be foolish and irrational to believe in a Creator. But most importantly, it allows the Christian to truly love his neighbor by presenting the Gospel of Peace through intelligent conversation.

So get your laptop fired up and set your iPod to shuffle because this is the revolution. This is the "New Age of Enlightenment", ushered in by the wonders of a PC and a lightning fast Internet connection. Learn about history, biology, archeology, logic, philosophy and many other topics. You'll find answers to tough questions and be able to present the Gospel to all the living creatures. Meanwhile, fight the good fight.

Written by: Roberto Perez