The Bible as a Marvel of Literature

The Bible is Free from Contradictions and is Truly the Book of Books

The Bible is a marvel of literature. The content is controversial, the statements are absolute and it contains no contradictions within. No other document in the world can come close in comparison with the Bible and it is no surprise that it is the most read, the most cherished, and the most accurate text ever. The continuity within the books of the Bible are statistically improbable which makes the Bible stand head and shoulders above the rest.

The canon of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, is a complete story filled with joy, sorrow, heroes and adventure. It is the story of creation, the fall of man, a savior and the redemption of mankind. The stories contained within the passages have proven over and over again to be archaeologically and historically correct.

The Bible reads like a book from one plot point to the next. What makes it so unique is that it was written in more than a 1,500-year span by different authors, in different styles, in different moods, in different geographical locations, and by authors of different walks of life. Amazingly, the Bible is free from contradictions in every controversial subject posed. It is truly the Book of Books.

To get a real life grasp on the truly astounding continuity, consider the beloved Star Wars franchise. It has what they call the canon of the Star Wars Universe. Every novel is reviewed and edited according to a predetermined set of standards enforced by George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. There are many authors and though the stories tie in together, there are major discrepancies. Therefore, alterations to what is accepted canon are necessary to make room for those discrepancies.

In this modern-day context, the Star Wars Universe, though enforced, cannot maintain continuity throughout without direct alteration. Even with the alterations, the continuity of the Star Wars Universe is shoddy at best. Star Wars books are written only in English, they are reviewed by other authors, consultation during the writing process occurs, and all of the Star Wars writers come from similar walks of life.

The improbability of the continuity of the Bible is mind boggling. Christians can be assured that the Bible is in fact accurate in it historical context, proven by archaeology, and complete in its textual context. The Bible without a doubt is the infallible Word of God, free from contradiction, and trustworthy beyond any other document ever.

Written by: Roberto Perez