Suffering with Christ

Suffering is Not Proof Against the Existence f God but a Mirror to the Depravity of Mankind

All humans must endure some sort of suffering in their lives. Death of loved ones, divorce, financial trouble, rape, torture and even murder. Suffering to one degree or another is simply a part of existence. The atheist uses this as an argument against God. If a loving God exists, then why does he allow suffering to remain in the world?

To gain a perspective, a brutally honest assessment must be made. Is God loving? If suffering is to be a proof against the existence of God, suffering must be contradictory to what God says about the subject or simply contradictory to His very nature.

A polemic can be made to shed insight upon the subject.

Atheist: Do you exist?

God: Yes.

Atheist: Are you a loving God?

God: Yes.

Atheist: Do innocent people suffer?

God: Yes.

Atheist: Then you do not exist.

The fact that one can make a moral judgment implies the capacity for compassion. People get upset with injustice and are angered by the suffering of innocents. The capacity for inflicting evil from one human to the next implies that humans are not entirely moral creatures.

Richard Dawkins, in his book "The God Delusion" attempts to relate universal morality to evolutionary process. The Darwinistic approach uses the following reasoning as an explanation for morality: Survival of the fittest does not necessarily mean being the toughest guy on the block. Offten times creatures find it more beneficial to be socially cooperative. Thus, by evolutionary process, moral standards are learned as a means of preservation. A reasonable assessment.

What the atheistic worldview cannot account for is the evidence of evil. In the early 1990s many people were killed and their shoes were stolen from them. How can evolution explain random acts of violence?

The animal kingdom has no record of any evil animals. Animals only kill for food or protection of their territory and offspring. Animal nature is instinctual not spiteful. Often times animals will do what appears to be am evil act, such as in the movie The Ghost in the Darkness, but intellectual reasoning and decisions are strictly a human attribute. Evolution cannot explain this.

The Bible however can. According to Scripture, mankind is a deprived creature. The capacity to do good and evil lie within the free will choices given to people by God. Evil men do evil deeds, divorce was given to mankind by God because humans are fallen creatures. Suffering is not a proof against God but it is a mirror to the utter depravity of mankind and proof that mankind is in desperate need of a Savior.

Written by: Roberto Perez